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RECIPE: Crispy Keto Crackers

Sometimes you just want a little crunch, right? These Crispy Keto Crackers will take care of that ‘craving for crunch’!

They are low-carb, gluten-free, paleo-friendly and perfect if you’re making a transition to the ‘Eat Savvy’ approach and away from packaged foods. They have a nice nutty taste and are amazing with an’Eat Savvy’ approved dip or with a chesse platter!

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Foolproof Homemade Mayonnaise [Paleo & Eat Savvy Approved!]

RECIPE: Foolproof Homemade ‘Eat Savvy’ Approved Mayo!

Making your own healthy, Eat Savvy compliant, Paleo-friendly, homemade mayonnaise has never been so easy! With this Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe . . . you’ll #BeSavvy and avoid chemical additives and ‘nasty oils’.

It’s a foolproof method, quick and savvy – so you’ll NEVER need to buy store-bought mayo ever again!

If you’ve started to understand the damaging effects of commercial vegetable and seed oils, and you’ve read the labels of the mayo in the store (even the ‘organic’ ones are scary)  you’ve probably given up on mayo a long time ago. We certainly have – until now!

Forget buying mayonnaise loaded with additives and nasty vegetable oils or soybean oil . . . when it will take you less than a minute with the right equipment and you’ll #BeSavvy to boot!

Basic Homemade Mayo

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RECIPE: Banana, Date & Walnut Loaf ~ Low-Carb, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free & ‘Savvy’!

“Can you Have Your Cake and ‘Eat Savvy’ Too?”

We say YES . . . when it’s low-carb, grain-free, dairy-free and filled with healthy fats and nutritious ingredients!

While eating cake or other ‘treats’ often is ‘Not Savvy’ – part of the ‘Eat Savvy’ approach is that it’s OK to include ‘sensible indulgences’. Little times of indulgence that still fit within the ‘Eat Savvy’ philosophy of having your diet be low in toxins and allergens while being high in nutrition and beneficial ingredients and nutrients. Plus, having an alternative to some ‘not savvy’ sweet treat can help you stay on track to your goals, while still seeming ‘normal’ to your friends and family. (Of course, keep in mind that ‘normal’ is now overweight or obese according to statistics – so it’s good to be somewhat ‘abnormal’ LOL)

Our ‘Eat Savvy Banana Loaf’ recipe, that we’re sure you’ll adore!

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