17 Top Tips for Healthier Joints!

  • The 'lie' you're being told about the nutrition for healthy joints and bones
  • The exercise 'mistakes' most people make that lead to joint problems
  • The simple error you may be making everyday, that can cause joint degeneration
  • The 'super nutraceuticals' to nourish & support healthier joints (and even reduce discomfort!)
  • 3 important 'cartilage-strenthening' nutrients
  • Plus other tips, tricks and specific exercise and nutrition to keep you youthful and flexible!

Simple, actionable tips to help you create healthier joints (bones, tendons & muscles too!) - no matter what your age!

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The tips I learned from from the Savvy Team about joint health and everyday nutrition have helped me to get rid of the pain in my knees and hands - even my 'knobbly knuckles' . . . very helpful information!

Rhonda Murray Rhonda Murray

I've done some damage to many of my joints from leading an active life, with pursuits such as bare-foot water skiing and the like. These tips have really helped me to reduce inflammation and pain - really worthwhile!

Alan Hay Alan Hay