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Thoughts Become Things!

Thereare really only a handful of the most amazing books written early last century, that have become the foundation of so many self development programs and seminars today. We write about them every year, because we believe it is important information for you to understand and apply, if you want to live a life of luxury and ease.

Last year in an article for the Savvy Team we wrote The Savvy Science To A Successful Life, where we gave details information on the steps to take to easily and effortlessly manifest your desires. (if you are not a Savvy Team member, you will need to contact your Support Team member for details). Having just facilitated another Science of Getting Rich program, I am reminded just how easy life can be, if we know how to create from the right space.

We highly recommend you read The Science of Getting Rich, and Think And Grow Rich, as well as As A Man Thinketh by James Allen, if you really want to understand and apply this pictured quote – which Proctor has borrowed and used in his book, and that way you will be ready to make the most of next months two day seminar.

Contact us for more details of this, because you will learn:

“The Astonishingly Easy Secrets to Using What You Already Have To Achieve Anything You Want”

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Generate More Income While Having Fun!

According to Blair Singer, the single most important characteristic of any successful sales professionals is their emotional strength. What exactly is emotional strength, or as Singer calls it ‘e-strength’?

It’s your ability to respond without any heightened negative emotion in any sales situation. This means that you are able to handle any type of objection and make a successful presentation to even the most difficult prospect. It means that you are able to make new contacts confidently without fear of rejection and to be able to clearly understand your clients – all while being yourself. You do not need to become someone else to be able to relate to people easily.

Increased e-strength gives you an advantage that will take you light years beyond where you are today. By understanding yourself  (do the diagnostic at to find out what your own strengths and weaknesses are), you’ll develop the key skills that will change your mindset forever. You will not only produce exceptional results in your professional sales career, but you will discover that it translates across every aspect of your life – giving you better relationships, increased results, improved communication and a generally happier life, everywhere!  Read More

The Eight Secrets of Happiness

A group of the Savvy Team had the opportunity to hear Dr Michael Carr-Gregg recently, one of Australia’s leading psychologists. Dr Michael’s presentation was titled, ‘How to be happy – the latest lessons from Positive Psychology.’

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s highest profile psychologists. He works in private practice in Melbourne and is a columnist for Girlfriend Magazine and Australian Doctor. He specialises in the area of parenting adolescents and adolescent mental health.

Dr Carr-Gregg explained the outcomes of research in the area of Positive Psychology over the last decade, which has identified the key factors to authentic happiness, which can be described as an ‘engaged, meaningful and pleasurable life.’ He asked the audience to ‘figure out what your strengths are and to use those strengths in your life.’  He suggested that we should focus on what is going well, rather than what is not. He indicated that this does not mean you should ignore the negatives; rather recognise what you have and focus on the positives if you want to live a happier and healthier life.

Here’s a Summary of Dr Michael’s 8 Secrets of Happiness . . . Read More

What You Believe You Can Achieve

Yes, I know my previous post was also on Think And Grow Rich, but so many people have asked me about Napoleon Hill’s actual book since posting the last article (the last post was on ideas, exercises from his book, one of the best-selling books of all times), that I thought I would help you get to hear from the man himself!

Have you heard Napoleon Hill speak? He lived from October 26, 1883 to November 8, 1970. The following video gives you that opportunity …

Plus you can make 2013 your best year yet by reading, studying and using the principles he gives in it – order it hereThink And Grow Rich (1937) was written after several decades under the influence of the wealthy industrialist, Andrew Carnegie. The book examines the power of personal beliefs and the role they play in personal success, and is a ‘must read’ for any budding entrepreneur. Read More