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VIDEO: 3 Tips for Better Eye Health

“3 Tips for Better Eye Health (And Even Improved Eyesight!)”

In this video, originally recorded live via Facebook, Savvy Team co-founder and passionate health researcher, Corey Sievers, shares tips to help you protect your eye health and even improve your eyesight!

  • Discover foods that may be harming your eye health.
  • 5 Nutritional Ingredients that are proven to help tired eyes and even stave off Macular Degeneration
  • Rarely discussed reasons your vision can be often blurry . . . and the 100-year-old ‘hidden tips’ that could help your tired eyes and more!

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We Help You Enjoy Improved Health & Wellbeing

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible, when you have the right people there to support you.” 

Misty Copeland, American Ballet Dancer

Step-by-step action plans, innovative solutions, guidance & support . . . To help you reach a higher level of wellness and live life to the full!

it’s as Easy as 1-2-3 with the Savvy Team!

1. PLAN ~ You tell us your wellness goals, and we help you create an easy step-by-step plan to achieve them.

2. SOLUTION ~ The action plan includes proven solutions and strategies and we’ll guide you along your wellness journey!

3. SUCCESS ~ You’re now on your way to a higher level of wellness & with our supportive community, you’re not alone! 

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No More Endometriosis, Period Pain & Now 17 Kg Lighter: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Angela shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made in overcoming issues such as learning disabilities, immune dysfunction & IBS.

“Dealing with my own health problems and that of my daughters, I just thought I had to ‘suck it up’ and get on with life!

However overcoming major health problems really can be as easy as the ‘Savvy 1-2-3’. Stick with it and you’ll see the benefits!”

For Angela and her family, it was just the way ‘normal life’ was . . .

  • Painful Periods and Endometriosis ~ with drugs and a hysterectomy being the only suggestions offered!
  • Angela’s daughter with a learning disability ~ and not expected to be able to read or write!
  • Another daughter with an immune dysfunction so that she was constantly sick ~ and no treatment available apart from constant antibiotics!

 . . . and there was no improvement on the horizon.

Angela thought she just had to ‘suck it up, and get on with life’!

But that ALL CHANGED! Now the health of Angela and her family has been transformed.

Here’s a glimpse of Angela’s story . . .

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