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VIDEO: Wellness – It’s NOT That Hard!

Wellness – It’s NOT That Hard!

Most people when asked what they think ‘health and wellness’ is – would tend to say that it is ‘the absence of disease and disability’. The ‘treatment paradigm’ that is our medical system, assumes a somewhat mechanical view of illness and the body it occurs in. It also assumes that something has to have ‘gone wrong’ before anything can be acted upon.

Illness is thus seen simply as a ‘fault in the machine’, and the machine-body continues to be regarded as something that functions autonomously. The medical model is enticing because it is generally succinct, tangible, easily understandable and in accordance with a scientific method which relies primarily on objective and measurable observation.

What is ‘Wellness’?

The wellness model moves beyond that traditional notion of health and wellness as being the mere absence of disease . . .  and relates more to the optional functioning of each person regardless of current health status or disability. Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or diet. It is the full integration of states of physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Wellness as a state of being, exists on a continuum and is unique to each individual person.

Each of us defines our own wellness, however living in optimal health is most peoples aim.

The Savvy Team’s ‘Wellness – It’s NOT That Hard’ philosophy, is about sharing a wellness model with those ready to begin their personal journey. Our model (along with our collection of programs and action-plans) provide a path to follow that offers extraordinary success in reaching a higher level of wellness – for those who choose the path.

3 Important Steps to move yourself to a higher level of wellness . . .

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Benefits of the ‘EAT SAVVY’ Diet & How to Get Started!

The ‘Eat Savvy’ Diet can help you transform your health and wellness!

Those who take action and follow the principles – shed excess fat, look & feel better, gain incredible levels of energy, and boost their mental focus!

The diet supports our ‘Easy as 1-2-3′ Wellness Philosophy and helps you effectively fuel your brain and body while ridding your life of the toxins and bad habits that are holding you back from being the person you really want to be!

While you may hear us speak about the science that backs the Eat Savvy Diet and the ‘biological reasons’ for following the Diet – you won’t need a degree in biochemistry or nutrition to start making huge changes in your all-around wellbeing – including your mood, your mental focus, and your body composition!

What is ‘Savvy’?

The word ‘savvy’ means – knowledgeable and well-informed, experienced and proficient, perceptive and practical!

Yes! We feel that describes us as a community, and certainly the Eat Savvy Diet.

What is the ‘Eat Savvy’ Diet

The Eat Savvy Diet is a breakthrough compilation of research-based dietary philosophies, that the whole family can follow!

It supports overall well-being by . . .

  • Limiting your exposure to man-made and natural toxins that can trigger inflammation and illness.
  • Improving the number and variety of micro-nutrients your body has access to.
  • Including foods that optimize your body systems and nurture your ‘M & Ms’. No, not those M&Ms . . . your ‘Microbiome‘ (all the bacteria in your gut) & your ‘Mitochondria‘ (the inner ‘powerhouses’ of your cells)

Higher energy levels, improved mental clarity, fat loss & muscle maintenance, reduce allergies, improved skin health  . . . are all positive outcomes from doing the right thing by your body by putting the right foods into it.

Have you ever started a diet and felt like you had to be perfect? Or you beat yourself up when you eat even a bite of something that is ‘off limits’ or on the ‘never permitted’ list? Many people feel this way, and this is one reason why diets often don’t produce sustainable results.

The Eat Savvy diet is different! It’s all about a spectrum or ‘sliding scale’ . . . and the more you choose to Eat ‘Savvy Foods’ the more you put the accelerator down and travel faster towards wellness!

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Essential Oils: The Power Beyond the Perfume!

‘Essential oils’ are popping up in day spas, home parties, and medicine cabinets near you. Essential oils have always been powerful, but now they are also popular. That’s both a good and a potentially bad thing for you if you don’t know the difference between pure therapeutic grade essential oils and those sold as perfume or aromatherapy  oils.

Essential Oils have become a popular industry, with experts suggesting we will be buying $11.5 billion worth of essential oils by 2022. But what if the world simply cannot supply the PURE essential oils to supply that demand? Most so called ‘essential oils’ are actually ‘aromatherapy oils’, and there is a big difference between the two, because oils can be ‘cut’ or diluted with less pure oils . . . or worse – oils that are not even therapeutic and perhaps even harmful.

Don’t ‘write off’ essential oils off as useless. What you’ll learn from people who know is that they can have powerful effects measurable with neurofeedback science. Pure oils combine the freshness and purity of nature with the therapeutic values that are beneficial to our bodies, our minds, our emotions, not only providing powerful health benefits but improving mood and stimulating the senses.

What Are Essential Oils?

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Skin-Friendly Natural Extracts to Nourish & Transform Your Skin!

These Skin-Friendly Natural Oils & Extracts can Nourish Your Skin, Reduce Fine Lines, & Restore Your Youthful Glow!

If there is a real ‘Elixir of Youth’, it probably hydrates the skin, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, and restores your youthful glow!

Well, although there really isn’t a SINGLE elixir of youth . . . by combining the best of natural botanical ingredients with the latest science – you can certainly do your best to transform your complexion and look more youthful!

Here is a collection of skin-friendly natural oils and extracts that have proven to have a dramatic impact on the complexion . . . and also wise to know about to help with healing burns and reducing scarring too!

Use these natural oils and extracts regularly and your skin will appear smoother, more hydrated and moisture enriched – you know, younger looking!

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VIDEO: 5 Ways to Boost COLLAGEN & Slow Aging!

You’ve heard it said by health experts, beauty gurus, and possibly even your best friend.
‘COLLAGEN’ is the buzzword on everyone’s lips. And the truth is – this may be one instance where the hype is actually warranted.
As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is available in your muscles, skin, blood, bones, cartilage, and ligaments.
The good news is that your body produces collagen on a regular basis. But, it does slow down with age. Plus there are some lifestyle habits that can bring collagen production to a screeching halt! (You’ll want to avoid these!)
Without this important building block for skin and body health, you may start to see wrinkles and sagging skin, or even experience joint discomfort and even worse.

In this video taken from a Facebook Live Event –  we discuss “5 Ways to Boost COLLAGEN & Slow Aging”!

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