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10 Americans Video

The Savvy Team have been partnering with safer brands for over two decades to help you make and informed choice on where you spend your hard-earned cash.

Because of the current lack of governmental control over the use of chemicals in many countries and the detrimental effects these substances could be having on you and your family’s health, our focus is to create understanding as to why it’s important to know this disturbing information.

That’s also why we’ve made this video available for you. We encourage you to watch it and seek safer brands. Let us help you do it.

We must reform the outdated, ineffective Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA) to protect the most vulnerable, especially children and pregnant women, phase out the worst chemicals, and require basic safety data for all chemicals before they are put into our products.” says Kathleen Schuler, a contributing author to the report “The Health Case for Reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act”, yet I bet you think that this testing has already been done.

Current Australian and U.S. laws apparently could leave consumers vulnerable to poisoning from thousands of unregulated chemicals in regular household products, warns Schuler. This 2010 report states that of all the hundreds of thousands of chemicals in daily use, only 200 have actually been tested by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) for their safety. Listen to the above video for the disturbing result of decades of neglect!

With the Australian and US Government lagging way behind Europe and Japan in protecting the unsuspecting public, the current drive to pass the Safe Chemicals Act in the US Congress is a most important environmental campaign, yet why wait for outdated laws to be corrected before you start reducing all avoidable contaminants?

Why do the Savvy Team recommend and personally use the ranges of products they do? Because we seek companies with a mission to produce safety conscious formulas for the public. The worldwide brand we recommend currently avoids over 3000 observed harmful chemicals used by other manufacturers, and the ingredients they use have been ratified in effectiveness and safety by many leading scientists and toxicologists including Alternate Nobel Prize winner Professor Samuel Epstein.

Although the above video and the Toxic Substances Control Report do not necessarily reflect the personal views of the Savvy Team, studying the information will certainly give you food for thought.

As a place to start ask us for ur “15 Harmful Ingredient List”. This references just 15 of the most common of the thousands of ingredients that should be avoided for optimum health.

For more details on our safety-conscious products, please contact us or your Savvy Team contact. You can also reach out to us on FB Messenger.

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4 thoughts to “10 Americans Video”

  1. It makes you wonder why it took so long to get to this position what do the people that control these companies do. Get pockets full of money but causing major damage to our children.

    1. Thanks for your comment. There are 2 primary reasons that the same ingredients continue to be used.

      1) No regulations exist – so as long as consumers support unsafe brands and are unaware of the risks, the brands will continue to produce the same products using the same ingredients.
      2) The cost – safer ingredients simply cost more. And the processes to manufacture with safer ingredients simply costs more.

      Fortunately, things are changing as consumer awareness grows. We as consumers juts need to ‘vote with our feet’ as they say, by supporting brands using safer ingredients and avoiding others.

      That’s what we recommend.

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