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The 12 Tolls of Christmas (And How To Cope With Them)

Yes, the festive nights of Christmas celebrations have arrived once again. While Christmas is something most people to look forward to, what about the toll on our minds and bodies (not to mention our wallets) from the excesses. For as long as we’ve celebrated Christmas and the New Year, many of us have overindulged in food and alcohol. It can take quite a lot of self-control to make sure you don’t overindulge, but even your best intentions or plans can go wrong.

We haven’t written about overcoming the challenges of Christmas excess since 2010, so we thought a well timed update might be in order, with Christmas fast approaching. As Alice Walton in “The 12 Health Risks Of Christmas” an article in Forbes writes:

If you’re not a big fan of the holidays, don’t worry – you’re not alone. This time of year can spark all kinds of unexpected reactions and behaviours in even the most well-adjusted among us. There’s the loneliness, the anxiety, the guilt, the overindulgence (which can also lead to more guilt), and, of course, the bitterness. And to top it all off there’s the looming New Year, which is always disturbing since it hits us with the pressure of developing good habits right after we’ve fully exercised our bad ones.

What can we do about  the common holiday pitfalls, emotional, mental and physical, which many of us encounter in some shape or form over the festive season or at any other time of year? How can we at least manage the tolls more effectively when they come our way? How do we deal with all those indulgences, the sumptuous foods and drink, the increased weather demands and the emotional or mental stresses and strains?

Here are the 12 Tolls of Christmas and how to cope with them . . .

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4 Powerful STRESS – Busting Nutrients!

Had a long day at the office with work deadlines piling up? Kids acting up all day?

Social calendar booked up so solid, you see no time left for YOU?

Juggling the multiple demands of modern life can leave you more than a little frazzled! While you may aim to effectively ‘manage’ stress, under constant pressure your coping mechanisms will eventually reach the tipping point where anxiety, irritability and insomnia may result.

Under stress, your primal ‘fight or flight’ responses are activated, so the body releases the hormones adrenaline (which increases your heart rate and blood pressure) and cortisol (which increases blood glucose levels, alters immune responses, and suppresses the digestive and reproductive systems). Normally these hormone levels will drop to manageable levels of their own accord when stress factors are removed. However under persistent stress, they remain elevated with dire consequences for your health.

Stress can play a part in the onset or increase the severity of conditions such as headaches, changes in mood, digestive disorders, impaired concentration, weight management, skin conditions and anxiety. That’s why it’s so important to learn healthy ways to cope with the stressors in your life.

We all can feel wrung out by the stress of daily life, and there are many different ways to cope with stress and anxiety including meditation, medication, massage, exercise, herbs and others.

There is an attractiveness in being able to ‘take a pill’ to reduce stress. The ideal pill would not only be effective, but would be quick acting, free of side effects and not addictive! That’s where medications usually can’t fit the bill and you need to look for nutritional alternatives!

Here’s 4 Stress-Busting Nutrients . . .

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No More PMS Pain, ‘Leaky Gut’, Foggy Thinking or Unhealthy Skin & Hair: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Emma shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made on her personal wellbeing!

“Now I am a committed and happy 100% user of the Savvy Team’s recommendations and my quality of life is on a steady improvement curve as a result.

Not only did this plethora of problems disappear but they have never come back even after many years, which I am very grateful for.”

When I first came across the Savvy Team I was twenty-two, a Film School student at TAFE and working full time. One night at work I met Gwen from the Savvy Team and we got chatting after I complimented her on her lovely complexion.

We hit it off immediately and we arranged to meet up as soon as possible, as she mentioned she had information that may help me. I was open to seeing what I could do to improve my health, as I was worried about the direction that my physical wellbeing was heading.

It all sounded like a good idea . . .

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Why Am I SO Tired All The Time?

2 Simple Steps Support Healthy Adrenals

Do you find yourself constantly asking “Why am I so tired all the time?

In addition to feeling exhausted from the time you wake to when you collapse into bed in the early evening, you have other disturbing symptoms:

  1. You find it hard to think clearly, and you feel like you spend your days slogging thru a vat of waist-deep oatmeal, it just takes way more effort than it should for you to accomplish anything.
  2. Despite feeling tired, you also feel edgy, and your emotions are fragile. You get jittery, jumpy, short-tempered, and often get accused of over-reacting, or blowing things out of proportion.
  3. You are emotionally strung-out and unable to cope with conflict and confrontation. Little things upset you more than they should.
  4. On top of all that you startle easily. Something as simple as the phone ringing sends you shooting out of your chair like the house is on fire, heart pounding wildly, and it takes you several minutes to recover and calm down.
 When confronted with stress of any degree, your heart begins to race, your head begins to swim, and you feel as if you are going to have a panic attack.

There doesn’t seem to be any middle ground, you are either dead-dog-tired or on “high alert”. You wonder “Is this is what it feels like to have a nervous breakdown?” After all, your friend with similar symptoms was put on antidepressants . . . so what is going on . . . ? Read More