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RECIPE: Crispy Keto Crackers

Sometimes you just want a little crunch, right? These Crispy Keto Crackers will take care of that ‘craving for crunch’!

They are low-carb, gluten-free, paleo-friendly and perfect if you’re making a transition to the ‘Eat Savvy’ approach and away from packaged foods. They have a nice nutty taste and are amazing with an’Eat Savvy’ approved dip or with a chesse platter!

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Why Are Diabetics Not Being Told The TRUTH?

The current treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes is a complete disaster. Plus the current ‘dietary dogma’ that includes a heavy grain-based diet – is driving more and more people to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Why are Diabetics NOT being told the truth? Perhaps because it’s so influenced by financial interests and old dietary dogma. Any successful treatment should include recommending real food without sugar and carbs to naturally lower blood sugar and insulin response.

Putting sugar-rich desserts and cakes on the cover of “Diabetic Living” magazines (top image) is shocking in our opinion. The image here was taken from a simple Google image search and the covers of many of the magazine issues feature carb-heavy meals and desserts. It should be as unthinkable as recommending smoking on the cover of a lung disease magazine.

Some Dietitians are Appalled!

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Benefits of the ‘EAT SAVVY’ Diet & How to Get Started!

The ‘Eat Savvy’ Diet can help you transform your health and wellness!

Those who take action and follow the principles – shed excess fat, look & feel better, gain incredible levels of energy, reduce inflammation and bloating and boost their mental focus!

The ‘diet’ supports our ‘Easy as 1-2-3′ Wellness Philosophy – reduce irritants, increase nutrients and help your body work more efficiently. Although it’s more of a change in food choices than a quantity restricted diet, our guidelines help you use food to effectively fuel your brain and body, while ridding your life of foods that can be toxins, and the bad habits that are holding you back.

The Eat Savvy Diet provides the solution to eating your way back to wellness, so you can be the person you really want to be!

While you may hear us speak about the science that backs the Eat Savvy Diet, and the ‘biological reasons’ for following the Diet, you won’t need a degree in biochemistry or nutrition to start seeing huge changes in your all-around wellbeing. These changes include improvements in your mood, your mental focus, and your body composition!

What is ‘Savvy’?

The word ‘savvy’ means – knowledgeable and well-informed, experienced and proficient, perceptive and practical!

Yes! We feel that describes us as a community, and it certainly describes what backs the Eat Savvy Diet.

What is the ‘Eat Savvy’ Diet

The Eat Savvy Diet is a breakthrough compilation of research-based dietary philosophies that the whole family can follow!

It supports overall well-being by . . .

  • Limiting your exposure to man-made and natural toxins that can trigger inflammation and illness.
  • Improving the number and variety of micro-nutrients your body has access to.
  • Including foods that optimize your body systems and nurture your ‘M & Ms’. No, not those M&Ms . . . your ‘Microbiome‘ (all the bacteria in your gut) and your ‘Mitochondria‘ (the inner ‘powerhouses’ of your cells)

Higher energy levels, improved mental clarity, reshaping, fat loss and muscle maintenance, reduce allergies and inflammation, improved skin health  . . . these are just some of the positive outcomes you will gain from doing the right thing by your body simply by putting the right foods into it. Follow our program, tap into our support and you can achieve that and more.

Have you ever started a diet and felt like you had to be perfect? Or you beat yourself up when you take even a bite of something that is ‘off limits’ or on the ‘never permitted’ list? Many people feel this way, and this is a key reason why diets often don’t produce sustainable results. They are just too restrictive to follow over the long-term and they foster un-healthy yo-yoing.

The Eat Savvy diet is different! It offers you a spectrum or ‘sliding scale’ . . . and you get to choose the speed with which you make the changes. The more you choose to Eat ‘Savvy Foods’ – which means eating those foods towards the green end of the eat-savvy scale – the more you put the accelerator down and the faster you travel towards wellness!

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