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5 ‘Healthy Heart’ Myths: Busted by Cardiologists!

Heart Disease is the leading killer in the western world. One Australian dies every 12 minutes from it. It’s the most costly disease for our healthcare system costing $1.8 Billion for medications alone in 2012 in Australia . . . and yet it’s largely preventable!

In this free web class, you’ll learn where it all went wrong and part of the problem lies in the fact that modern nutrition policy is based on bad science.

You’ll hear clips and comments from Cardiologists who debunk 5 common nutritional myths related to Heart Disease.

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From 2 Miscarriages to 3 Boys: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

It wasn’t supposed to be that hard . . .

Yet for 23-year-old Rachel – it WAS.

Although many would have considered her to be ‘healthy’ – Rachel was suffering from the ‘signs’ of hormonal imbalance and had suffered 2 miscarriages.

Perhaps you’ve had loved ones around you suffer the same plight as Rachel, or similar.

Here’s Rachel’s story . . .

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VIDEO: 5 Tips for BETTER SLEEP (and waking feeling more refreshed!)

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

Sleep is a really important part of our life. It helps us to feel well, focused and happy. If you’re struggling with poor sleep – the answers could be simple, but easy to overlook.

Most people experience a bad night’s sleep now and again, but if you regularly don’t get enough sleep – it can really affect how you feel and what you can get done during the day.

Not only does it give our bodies the rest they deserve, it’s also the key to our ability to function at work and play.

Good sleep habits have been shown to improve mood, concentration and performance at school or work. They may also help control overeating and help prevent obesity. Lack of sleep is linked to symptoms of depression such as feeling down, hopeless, irritable, having thoughts of suicide, and using alcohol or other drugs.

When it comes to getting those Zzzs, there are so many opinions it’s hard to know what really helps and what doesn’t. Counting sheep, a nip of brandy, a glass of warm milk . . . what do you do when you suffer from sleep trouble?

We’ve had much success in the Savvy Team over the years – in helping people enjoy better quality and more restful, rejuvenating sleep.

5 Tips to Help You SLEEP Better & Wake More Refreshed!

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