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Two Simple Steps To A Healthy Home

I want to share with you a talk given by Rhonda Murray at a Health Expo at Kingaroy, on two simple keys to having healthy homes and healthy families.

Environmentalist David Suzuki wrote: “What we do to nature, we do to ourselves. Preventing pollutants and toxics from entering our environment and bodies would have a profound effect on the health of ordinary [people].”

We can choose to make the home environment healthier and safer for adults and children by removing potentially harmful chemicals from the bathroom, the laundry and the cleaning cupboard.

This first simple step can alleviate many health issues by lowering the toxic load our bodies are exposed to. Read More

Researchers’ Discovery Promises Answers on Autism

Isn’t it great that we have all seen such good results with autism, when parents simply ‘change brands’ and put their children on some nutrition, to help build their immune system. This both helps the body deal with toxins and reduces the overload, as we know, but it’s great that science is now finding ‘proof’. Thanks Deb MacNamara for bringing this article in The Australian to our awareness, we have included the article below.

Here is a testimonial from one happy family who used our Savvy strategies to rebuild health:  Read More

Eliminate Those Hard To Move Bulges?

A Costly Problem Worldwide

Look around. Notice anything? Our world is getting fatter…much fatter. Never before in the history of humanity have so many, and such corpulent bodies walked the earth. Overweight and obese men, women and children now make up the majority of the population of most westernised countries. Isn’t that sad, when you know the health risks associated with it.

People all over the world are getting fatter than ever. Once considered a problem only in high-income countries, obesity is dramatically on the rise in low- and middle-income countries. In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of an emerging epidemic of obesity in the developing societies. In fact, the rate of increase in obesity prevalence in developing countries can often exceed that in the industrialised world.

The Savvy Team leaders have gathered together to provide a special opportunity for our family and friends (and some of us too) to loose some of those unwanted kilos before the warmer weather arrives. Want to be looking and feeling great, and back to a slimmer, healthier you for Christmas? Well, here’s your chance to step out of the mould and finally be rid of those unsightly bulges, spreading hips, and dimpled thighs.

Here’s your opportunity to lose 7 or 8 kilos in just three weeks (if you are really overweight, it could be more), in a healthy relaxed way! Sound too good to be true? Make the decision to move that unwanted fat forever – contact us to find out more, you’ll be glad you did.

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