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Our Founders:

Corey Sievers

Wellness Education Manager & Director of Digital Strategy

Corey Sievers has always had a passion for learning and likes to ‘think outside the box’. It was this out-of-the box thinking that led Corey to be involved in the start-up of 6 different businesses, in 3 different fields by the time he was 25, rather than pursuing a ‘normal career’.

Within the health and wellness arena, Corey is an avid learner and researcher and has written and lectured widely on topics such as: iridology; nutrition; natural healing and regeneration; weight management; heart disease prevention; colon cleansing and anti-ageing.

Corey is more excited than ever about the opportunity the Savvy Team provides for people to reach a higher level of wellbeing, so they can live life to the full.

e: corey [at]

Linda Barker

Community Manager & Lead Wellness Guide

After developing financial independence, Linda undertook a degree in theology, majoring in philosophy and spirituality. As a dedicated proponent of wellness, one of Linda’s passions is to educate others on what can be done to regain and maintain good health.

With over 20 years of experience guiding people in overcoming their health issues, Linda has had the satisfaction of seeing many thousands of people put the wellness information she shares into practice, and make huge improvements in their own and the lives of their families.

With verification from latest research, Linda is more excited than ever about the opportunity for people to take control of their future health and wellbeing.

e: linda [at]


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