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VIDEO: Wellness – It’s NOT That Hard!

Wellness – It’s NOT That Hard!

Most people, when asked what they think ‘health’ or ‘wellness’ means – would tend to say that these are ‘the absence of disease and disability’.

The current medical system is a ‘treatment paradigm’ and assumes a somewhat mechanical view of illness in the body. It also assumes that something has to ‘go wrong’ before anything can be acted upon.

Illness is thus seen simply as a ‘fault in the machine’.

However, the state of ‘health and wellness’ is much more than simply ‘not being sick’!

Dealing with the myriad of diseases that can strike us down, is hard and complicated. However, we believe that ‘Wellness’ can be easy and simple to achieve! You simply need to let in on some of the ‘secrets’!

We’ve seen our community members improve their health and wellness dramatically by doing a few simple things over a consistent period of time. (AND YOU can too!)

Wellness ~ Can be as Easy as 1-2-3!

The wellness model moves beyond that traditional notion of health and wellness as being the mere absence of disease . . .  and relates more to the optional functioning of each person regardless of current health status or disability. Wellness is much more than merely physical health, exercise or diet. It is the full integration of states of physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Wellness as a state of being, exists on a continuum and is unique to each individual person.

Each of us defines our own wellness, however, living in optimal health is most people’s aim.

The Savvy Team’s ‘Wellness – It’s NOT That Hard’ philosophy, is about sharing a wellness model with those ready to begin their personal journey. Our model (along with our collection of programs and action plans) provides a path to follow that offers extraordinary success in reaching a higher level of wellness – for those who choose the path.

3 Important Steps to move yourself to a higher level of wellness . . .

  1. Reduce Exposure to Avoidable Toxins ~ Sick Home Healthy Home
  2. Increase Your General Nutrition ~ Why Take Nutrition
  3. Optimise The Body’s Natural Detoxification Pathways ~ Natural Detoxification: Fact vs Fiction

Watch an overview of this information in the WELLNESS: Easy as 1-2-3 Series below. These sessions were conducted LIVE via Facebook.

Some of what you’ll learn in this series:

  • “Running On Empty” – a look at the traditional focus of ‘minimum’ daily nutritional requirements . . . and how that will create sub-optimal wellness for you!
  • You service your car and keep all fluid levels topped up for safety . . . do you keep your body’s micro-nutrient levels topped up?
  • Have you let your “Battery” go flat so it let you down? – learn how to notice the warning signs so you can recharge next time!
  • The 2 Fundamental Causes of Disease and Illness – Think health is complicated? This info will make you think again!
  • The 4 Key Problem Areas that could be stopping you from achieving Overall Well-being – and which you should focus on rectifying first!
  • The Top 5 Sources of Toxins you are being exposed to – and what to do about it
  • The 3 ‘Generations’ of Antioxidants – are you taking the most powerful and effective antioxidants or ‘old-fashioned’ ones?
  • The 90 Nutrients Essential for Optimal Wellness . . . miss some of these and you miss out on optimal wellness!
  • The 7 Detox Pathways you need to clean up in order to prevent disease and illness

Have questions? Want to know what we suggest?

Reach out to your Savvy Team contact, Chat with us via Facebook Messenger or use our contact page.

If you’d like to give our recommendations a go – reach out to your Savvy Team Wellness Guide, as they can activate a $10 credit towards your first order!

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One thought to “VIDEO: Wellness – It’s NOT That Hard!”

  1. This is a thorough and yet brief overview of our general wellness philosophy, which has been instrumental in turning around the health trajectory of thousands of people, who had given up on improving their health and wellbeing.
    Don’t give up – you can make the simple changes that will take your health to a hight level. Listen to this video, as Corey explains how simple steps can make a big difference.

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