11 Superfoods   and Herbs for Boosting Immunity!

  • The 2 'Underlying Causes' of Poor Health.
  • How a 'Germ Theory' proponent & scientist - admitted he got it all wrong!
  • The 'smarter' actions you can take rather than 'fighting germs'!
  • What a two-time Nobel Prize winning scientist says is a common link in ALL CASES of poor health.
  • The 11 Superfoods and Herbs for defending yourself against the Winter 'Bugs & Blues'!
  • Plus other tips, tricks and nutrition to keep you youthful and healthy!

Simple, actionable tips . . .

To help you improve your health, slow ageing, boost immunity and fight back against the 'bugs'!

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Every Winter I'd catch a cold or get the flu! For me, that usually led to weeks of bronchial problems & mucous congestion - plus at times the threat of hospitalisation for pneumonia or pleurisy. Now I practise the Winter Wellness 'Secrets' from the Savvy Team, I am rarely ill!

Alice Fung