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Thyroid Issues, HRT, Obesity, Depression all GONE: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

I was very thin as young girl, till I got married and went on the first contraceptive pill just 1 month before (at 19 ½ years). After 3 weeks honeymoon, I came back 1 stone (6 ½ kilos) heavier than I had ever been, and my body is only just beginning to recover, almost forty years later.

The Pill really mucked-up my system for rest of my life. Before then I had been on no medication whatsoever, and only ever had 1 illness in my whole life to that point. I kept putting on weight – and every child-birth added extra weight that I couldn’t budge.

I went on numerous diets and spent $10,000s on weight-loss programs – Jenny, Craig, Gloria Marshall, gyms, medically-prescribed diet pills, weight-loss groups, etc, over 30-40 years. You name it and I’ve probably done it. But I just kept putting on weight. When doing those programs and diets I could never lose more than 10k, and I always put it back on double, when I went off any diet. I’d like to share what happened when I came across the Savvy Team and their wellness programs.

But first, let me tell you a little of my health journey that led me to be overweight, depressed, with high cholesterol and blood press problems. After suffering with hormonal issues for all of my early married years, I was eventually diagnosed with a very under-active thyroid in my late thirties and was put on medication. I was also put on depression tablets by my thyroid specialist and cholesterol medication (Lipitor) from my specialist. I was on them both for 25 years.

Later hormone replacement was added to by my endocrinologist to deal with hot flushes. I was on that hormone replacement for 6 years. I felt I was not coping with life as I approached my late 50s. Indeed I was always exhausted, tired all the time, and had no energy to enjoy my growing family. After being under a thyroid specialist for so many years, I had pretty much lost all hope that anything could help – if the top specialist and all the drugs couldn’t help me, nothing would.

The things that impacted my life in a dramatic way were things like: woolly thinking, poor memory, word loss, “couldn’t speak up because I couldn’t remember the next word I wanted to say”.

My endocrinologist had wanted to put me on blood pressure tablets – because my blood pressure was 160/90 – I said no because I was beginning to get results with the nutrition that I had actually bought for my grandchildren. Funny thing was, I bought the supplements for my grandchildren, thinking that I was ‘past help’, however with my mind being so fuzzy I kept forgetting to give them to my daughter.

Eventually, my friend from the walking group (which I had joined to loose weight but was mostly too tired to attend) encouraged me to take them myself, saying they might help with my foggy thinking.

Wonder of wonders, I actually began to feel a bit better, and even had energy to attend the walking group each morning. For the first time, I felt hope!! So my friend suggested I meet with Linda to see if there was anything else I could do. I started by converting over the bathroom/household products and started on a regime of nutrients. Just to be safe I had regular check-ups with my variety of medical specialists, but what was really exciting is that my weight began to melt away. My total weight loss so far is 33.6 kilos and this has positively impacted my joints and mobility!

Since I’ve been on nutrition I have got on top of a host of other issues including getting off the cholesterol drugs, the anti-depressants, the hormone replacements, and now with no need for blood pressure medication my heart specialist said there was no need for continuing his treatment and follow-up appointments. Plus my thyroid medication has also been able to be gradually decreased, especially over the last few years.

REGIME:  To find out what supplements Nadia took that made such a difference, make an appointment with a Savvy Team support person.

From the first appointment I had with Linda (and I had one almost monthly for a year), things really began to change. I not only felt better, I was functioning better and had far less symptoms. I even won an award for ‘best blood pressure reduction’ at my walking group.

After a few months I began detoxing. I felt so sick I couldn’t get off the couch for 3 days at a time so I rang up and after adding in a few other products and gradually I started to feel better mentally and physically. From memory I had nearly a year of healing symptoms, rashes, digestive upsets etc on and off. Regular medical tests resulted in decreasing the amounts of the many drugs I was on, until I was off all but 1 of my medications. Throughout the whole process, my friend Rhonda and her amazingly supportive wellness guide Linda have been wonderful, offering free life-giving and ongoing encouragement and directing my wellness journey!

Miracle of miracles I lost 13k over that time, without dieting (and remember this is after 30 years of unsuccessful dieting!!). Then I went onto the Savvy Teams Rapid Fat Loss program which has special calorie restrictions, with everything weighed and measured. I strictly followed their nutritional program and the recommended Eat Savvy Diet – I adhered to the program and only ate what was on the list. Not easy to do but I was never hungry or craved foods not on the list – and this was a first for me!

I reported to Rhonda daily as required, and this really helped me manage the process. I felt great throughout and phase 3 stopped me from putting it all (and more) back on again. This I was unable to do in 40 yrs of trying every diet there was. I lost an amazing 10k in the first session and a further 10k on a second session. Linda has supported my ongoing progress as my helth continues to improve.

My total weight loss so far is 33.6k, and I’m still going.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to improve my health, my self-esteem, my weight. I’m grateful to find natural products that work so I was able to eliminate synthetic drugs that compounded the problem and for the Savvy Team’s programs, products and support.

Thank you,

Nadia Lange

The difference this has made in my life:

  • I am able to keep nearly all the weight off without dieting, eating sensibly but without concern.
  • My dress size dropped from size 24 to size 16 and I notice I tend to still look in the racks of big dresses! Now I can look at nicer dresses.
  • After years of concern of whether I could fit into theatre seating, airplane seats, always avoiding narrow spaces and narrow aisles, now I can confidently whizz through anywhere I want to go without thinking about it!
  • Even my shoe sizes dropped a size and a half and feet feel much better.
  • My memory is vastly improved and now I can hold a conversation without losing the thread of it.
  • I feel so different, as if I have rediscovered my brains.
  • I’m able to walk, travel, stay awake, I even walked up Franz Josef glacier!
  • My body is so much healthier, proven by specialist check-ups.
  • In fact my specialist is astounded that all the drugs I was taking all those years didn’t help, yet my nutrition did.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to do this, to find natural products that work and to be able to eliminate synthetic drugs just added to the problem.

Thank you Linda, Rhonda and the Savvy Team support and for your wonderful products.

Plus thank you for saying to get onto more support for my recent bout of severe depression – it helped a lot. I will have to remember to go back to the amounts you recommended if my depression ever gets out of hand again and more importantly use the specifics daily to keep it on an even keel.

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One thought to “Thyroid Issues, HRT, Obesity, Depression all GONE: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!”

  1. I am so thrilled to have helped point Nadia in the right direction, so she could get such great results. The nutrients help with improving both the clarity of mind and emotional strength, and being able to personally guide and support Nadia over those first 12-18 months does make the journey easier. But what turned her health around after forty ears of issues, was her personal determination. Of course, as soon as one see’s results, the hope helps one stay the course. Thank you for your wonderful story Nadia.

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