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The Natural Way to Better Health for Life


Everyone seems to have a special health remedy these days: Pilates specialists, raw-food specialists, sleep-disorder specialists, air-purification specialists, and of course countless “diet” specialists.

But we learnt first-hand twenty years ago, that good health is not the result of trendy “discoveries” by pseudo-scientists or one luminary’s expertise in an isolated field. And that it isn’t necessarily an accident – although people may accidently develop healthful habits due to upbringing, culture or circumstance.

After more than twenty years examining the effects of a variety of lifestyle factors on the human body, and teaching many thousands of people how to regain good health, we’ve realized even more strongly than before that good health is based on synergy. As we’ve taught for decades, there are multiple components working together to make you feel great, and we incorporated these first in our 2000 joint book 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger which has been available more recently in an ebook version.

In this article we bring these essential building blocks together in one powerful resource, so you can personally take responsibility for your own and your families health, once and for all. The book is currently being re-written to bring it up-to-the-minute, and will be republished shortly.

Over the years we’ve designed simple programs so that people can incorporate the concepts a day at a time, in exchange for a lifetime of wellness. Following are seven simple steps you can take, as we reveal how changing just a few simple habits can lead to dramatic recoveries in health and healing.

As you take the following steps to rectify imbalances, your body structures are repaired. The ones we cover here are:

#1 Water: Most of us know the dangers of dehydration, but do you know how to hydrate properly? In our Iridology Seminars our teachings go beyond explaining how much water you should drink each day and thoroughly assesses the various types of bottled water on the market, and explains some of the science of filtration systems to ensure that your water isn’t doing more harm than good. The 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger book gives you simple outlines of the benefits of taking this step seriously.

#2 Sleep and Rest: Discover the causes of insomnia, the keys to a perfect night of sleep, and the truth about sleep aids (both herbal and pharmaceutical). It’s important to understand why beauty rest is so important; sleep and rest (along with water) are key secrets to looking younger, and our book 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger covers this in detail.

#3 Living Food: Give your menu a makeover, eliminating the “dead” foods that are full of chemicals. From choosing the right grains and the right proteins to fighting diabetes and high cholesterol, there are many books that deliver fact-packed guides to eating well, with eye-opening information on irradiated foods, artificial sweeteners, the canola-oil controversy, going organic, and whether Teflon and plastics cause cancer during food storage and preparation. Some also expose the hidden dangers of MSG (with ways to minimize your intake) and debunks the myth of fat-free “nutrition,” clarifying which fats are good for you and essential.

#4 Exercise: What kind? How often? How long? If exercise always falls to the bottom of your to-do list, take a new approach, the 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger reveals new benefits and options that include ballroom dancing—to get you moving.

#5 Detoxification: When we talk about detoxification, we are not prescribing dubious “cleanser cocktails” although these may be necessary to get your liver and gut back to a semblance of order. Instead, in 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger we address the ways you can reduce toxicity in your body and your environment on a continual basis, with solutions for minimizing your risk.

Our research spans everything from air pollution to mercury dental fillings, from poisonous household products to dust mites and second-hand smoke, with ways to spark the body’s natural detox organs and balancing acid- and alkaline-forming foods.

#6 Nutritional Supplements: According to the world’s leading nutrition and supplement specialist, supplement in today’s world such as ligandrol is quite essential for any human to lead a healthy life, especially if they are working out every day. You can also read his comment is here on ligandrol to find out how it could benefit you. They’re not just for people who eat unbalanced meals. Agribusiness has depleted much of America’s farming soil, growing produce that actually contains fewer nutrients. But the world of supplements is complex (there are eight different forms of Vitamin E alone). Health researchers the world over talk of the importance of including a wide range of high quality supplements in ones daily diet.

25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger gives a complete exploration of antioxidants, current debates regarding specific supplements, and essential foods. We also tells readers, exactly what they need to take daily according to their age, walking them through the maze of information now available on this topic.

#7 Freedom from Stress: From the healing powers of abdominal breathing and laughter to reframing your perception of even the most seemingly dire circumstances, there is a path to physiological and emotional well-being, culminating in a foundation of spiritual peace. The importance of reducing stress in your life is made obvious in 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger and the reader is given strategies to be able to do this, easily, effortlessly and healthfully.

THE 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger is a comprehensive guide to renovating your “primary residence,” the body that will house you for the rest of your life. Written by Linda Barker and Corey Sievers, both are health researchers and natural therapists, both are best-selling authors, and dynamic public speakers. Over the past twenty years, they each have educated many thousands of people, always integrating body, mind, and spirit into their healthcare strategies.

Passionate about the integration of natural and conventional health care, these two are dedicated to individual self-responsibility in health care, and their teachings bring a twenty-first-century approach to the wellness field. Writing in friendly, non-threatening tones that blends proven science with stress-reducing spirituality, they pass on action steps, to clarify the health plan for their readers.

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