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The ‘LIST’


To search for things beyond our grasp is fantasy,

When that which lies within our reach we see

Has not yet been completed, yet holds the key,

To that which through right action ours will be.

The simplest things in life will make us free.

Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray, from ‘Logic In Sequence. Book 1: Laws of Perfection.’

There is a great need for people to bring order into their lives, at home, at work, in their relationships and their thinking. Yet it seems such an uncertain world out there. Chaos reigns supreme, so they say.

Do you ever feel, “It all looks so bleak. Why should I even bother to try to move forward in life or my career? Why should I try to improve my circumstances when I don’t think it will lead to anywhere? Why should I try anything in this crazy, uncertain, unpredictable and difficult environment?”

“What’s the point?”people would ask me, when things or people became almost too difficult to handle. “Is life ever going to get any better?” Yes, it is a chaotic world, but when we understand that that very chaos is what brings out the best in us, what stretches us, what makes us look for a different way … we can begin to understand that there IS purpose to it. Understanding that there may be some purpose to the chaotic circumstances in our life, and knowing what that purpose is, are two totally different things. I believe it’s purpose is for our growth, for our own expansion as human beings. Being able to move ahead in a chaotic world paradoxically requires us to embrace the chaos and bring it into order in aspects we have control of, our family, our health, our work, our home.

In all the known world, only humanity has the capacity to think ahead, the ability to choose our path. Only we have the ability to choose, and the will to choose again if circumstances are not to our liking. Embracing the chaos means: to accept the uncertainty of life and move forward anyway! To take action despite not knowing how things will turn out. To stop over-thinking, stop over-analysing, stop trying to predict the future, just take action on the simple things around that you know needs to be done. “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” wrote Henry David Thoreau (1817 – 1862).

This poem was given to a mentor of ours who has been acknowledged in many areas and by many erudite people, as a Master of the Transformational Sciences. Our experience, learning and understanding in our four years of intense, focused study under his guidance is proof of that. Prof. Dr. Sir John Whitman Ray [1934-2001] was included in the 29th Edition of the Dictionary of International Biography, “2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century” and “Who’s Who in the 21st Century”.

At one point in his life, Professor Ray, after a long period of fasting and prayer, was given a very deep understanding of the power of The LIST along with an encouragement to adhere to the above statement. He was told it was the one very simple way to bring order into one’s life.

The ever-changing ‘thing’ that the Savvy Team leaders call “The List” is what we recommend you do, to create the life you want, and to have it be easy and fun! The LIST is ever changing, because circumstances, opportunities, people etc change, often rapidly. THE LIST is a compilation of your Goals, Desires, Responsibilities, Uncompleted Acts, and the areas where you need to Make Amends. You will notice that this List pertains to every area of your life.

It is something we recommend you review every day, or at the very least every week if you want to move ahead in your enterprise quickly and effortlessly. At the very least review it monthly, so you can improve your results, month by month. Week by week, month-in, month-out things around you will change. Being adaptable whilst having clear, inspired thinking by staying clear minded and still being able to bring your awareness, quickly whenever necessary with a review of your written LIST, to all your To Dos, from the grandest to the simplest, is a key to effortless success.

We ask that you take complete responsibility for all the outcomes in your life, and to do that you must attend to these above aspects, in all areas of your life – create your LIST! This is not only a very worthwhile life task to undertake, it is the one thing you can do when you are feeling overwhelmed or depressed about your life, that will give you not only a great feeling of relief. It will give you a way out of the stuck feeling you are experiencing.  So do it thoroughly, one step at a time.

Decide what you want to achieve regarding your goals, desires or your central purpose in life. See that they are constructive, honourable and worthy of your time and attention. You will notice that many of them are more like major projects than simple one or two step tasks, but probably you have been thinking about them with the end in mind. Tis can become overwhelming, as most people leave it there – in their mind! Your computer gets stuck/jammed/overwhelmed when it has too many programs open on the desktop, and that is how your mind is dealing with too many big projects with open loops all trying to be kept in your mind.

As David Allen suggests in “Getting Things Done‘, getting things out of your mind and onto / into a trusted place where you know you will always be able to find it, brings instant relief, clarity and allows room for inspiration and growth.

Now, each of your listed projects will have their own sub-lists of what needs to be accomplished for you to achieve them, so make sure you give some thought to them individually and write down on your List, the steps / things that you think of that needs to be done for the end-goals accomplishment. Doing this can convert a seemingly impossibly large goal into bite- sized chunks you are able to deal with, one by one.

It would be worthwhile to also take note of the both the knowledge you will need and the obstacles you may have to overcome in any goals accomplishment. Write down everything you can think of that you may require, how you will deal with the obstacle etc. Perhaps you might need to list the people whose help you will need whose help or knowledge you might need, now or in the future. Write their names down and what you might want from them.

There may be books that could help you learn the skill, or understand the issue which would help you achieve a goal. write these down a well.

As you work towards your goal, there will be extra items to add, that you were not aware of from the start. When you think of such things, add them on the List. There will also be things you thought you would need, that you will not, so take them off.

“Do not slight the smallest detail or responsibility. All are necessary to consider and take appropriate action concerning.” said Sir John Whitman Ray.

Your responsibilities are things you choose for your own growth, not what others put on you. Your uncompleted acts are things such as repaying the debt, fixing the broken tools, repairing the window, sewing on the button etc. This part of the List becomes rather extensive at times, because we have all left so many things undone that need our attention, in the proper time and place. The areas to make amends requires you to be really honest with yourself. Where have you may have been at fault, where you may need to make satisfactory restitution that harmony may again prevail? Of course, it takes two to resolve matters between two people, but it is better to know you have done all within your power to resolve conflict. Add these areas of confusion and disorder among personal relationships onto the list and resolve to make things right, to the very best of your ability.

Write the LIST

Now, if you haven’t already started, it’s time to begin. To start, take approximately 10 loose pages and write one of the five headings below on every second page. This will not be able to be completed in a single sitting, it is something which you will need to begin working on, and put regular time aside to update, review, re-consider and re-plan. The key is to begin!!

Start writing. Fill in as much as you can, on the following aspects pertaining to each subject, writing down whatever comes to mind regarding that – there may be several goals for instance, and these will each need to be thought about individually. Write down as clearly as you can a list of all your goals, your desires, your responsibilities, your uncompleted acts and those areas where you need making amends.

Organise the LIST.

This is the time consuming part. Firstly, number each item on each page in order of priority to you – as you see it at present. Now in a large notebook (or in an online system such as ToodleDo), re-write ALL of the above mentioned items into one list, in order of their priority – starting with the most important at the top. The things at the top would be major projects and goals that require many things to come into play for them to be fulfilled.

Starting with the most difficult to accomplish at the top means that as you review the list each day you allow your subconscious to work on bringing opportunities and people to you to enable it’s accomplishment. By finishing with the simplest you can now begin doing the tasks starting with the simplest. These will be things that take only a minute or two to be completed, and by doing them you can clear the clutter from your life and your mind. Get moving on these small things and you will develop the confidence and skill that will help you achieve larger things.

It takes courage to take action, to move forward in life, to move forward in a new career, take new action, start a new business, get into a new relationship. It also takes will-power to stop over-thinking whether or not it will work. But self-doubt arises in all of us. No matter how strong we might be, the question of ‘why’ and ‘how’ always comes up: Why should I embrace the chaos? How can I take action in the midst of the confusion?

By learning to take action, let go and see what happens, I’ve had a lot less stress and a lot more fun.

Life is good… sure it’s hard… but it’s still good and can be so much more fun if you go with the flow. Some of most fun I have ever had occurred when I was working in inspired action (others saw me as working hard – because they interpreted my commitment and focus as being hard work) on creating a new business with a partner, while performing at a high level in my chosen career, as well as incorporating long and often intense periods of study on my personal passion.

Moments came up where I realized that wow… this is so cool. I was feeling wonderful, was achieving so much, in fact accomplishing more than I ever had before, and it seemed as if I was just riding a wave of one successful outcome after another. This was after I had spend several months studying and teaching this LIST philosophy to a handful of my Academy students.

It was certainly a lot better than sitting around in anxiety and stress waiting for the day to come when I, a single mum without any significant education, would retire on an ever dwindling old-age-pension. That was over two decades ago, when my prospects looked bleak, my experience and skills were lacking. I created my LIST and my life took off in a different direction. Within ten years I was earning a month what the pension would have paid me for a year. How things can chance when we take responsibility for our life.

Ten years from now, you may remember the difficult times but you’ll have more significant memories of the times where you joined in, moved forward, embraced spontaneity and said, why not! Do your LIST, and contact a Savvy Team Leader to ask ‘what’s my next step’. We are here to help you achieve your dreams.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

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  1. This is something that was covered in the Deliberate Attraction workshop that I found a little bit difficult to get the main points down so with rereading this a couple of times I found that I am able to understand the points a lot better to make it easier to go through the process thank you Linda.

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