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The Back Bone of Sensible Supplementation


Your bones are the structural support for your body, so it makes sense to give them the nutrition they need. Often our body warns us that we are lacking some of the essential minerals with back pain, leg cramps, headaches – in fact the symptoms are too numerous to mention here.While few of these pain are quite noticeable in their primary stage, problems such as nerve damage can take quite some time to show problems to which then reading and the quickly taking medication is the only way one can feel better.

Look After Your Back!

Arthritis is one of the most painful conditions and one in six people suffer from it and the numbers are increasing. Osteoarthritis, which appears when wear and tear on joint structures exceeds the repair the body can do can lead to degeneration of joints, and the damaged surrounding tissues become inflamed and painful.

Almost every 8 minutes, someone is admitted to a hospital somewhere in Australia with a fracture due to osteoporosis. Over 1.9 million, which is 1 in 10 Australians have the condition. Osteoporotic fracture occurs in more than 65,000 people each year.

Just losing 10% of the bone mass in your spine can double the risk of spinal fracture and a 10% loss of bone mass in your hip can increase your risk of a broken hip, two and a half times. By 2020, one third of all hospital beds in Australia are likely to be occupied by hip fracture patients and 20% of people with hip fracture will die within 6 months.

There are now one in three Australian women and one in eight Australian men over the age of 50 years who will experience osteoporotic fracture and might need to join the admission queue to hospital. So why have we dedicated this topic to your bone health?

Spokesperson for Nutrition Australia, Aloysa Hourigan says: “The foods we eat and other lifestyle factors earlier in life can have a major impact on our risk of osteoporosis. The amount of calcium-rich foods we eat early in life will have an impact on the peak bone mass we develop. Achieving your optimal peak bone mass in childhood and through adolescence can help to protect your bone health later in life”.

There Are Six major functions of the Human Skeleton


  • The skeleton provides the framework which supports the body, and maintains its shape. The joints between bones permit movement
  • Blood cell production
  • The skeleton is the site of red blood cell production


  • Bone matrix can store calcium and is involved in calcium metabolism, and
  • Bone marrow can store iron  and is involved in iron metabolism


  • Movement in vertebrates is powered by skeletal muscles, which are attached to the skeleton by tendons.
  • Without the skeleton to give leverage, movement would be restricted.

Protection: The skeleton protects many vital organs:

  • The skull.
  • The spine.
  • The rib cage,
  • The spine, and sternum

Endocrine regulation

  • Bone cells release a hormone called osteocalcin, which controls the regulation of blood sugar (glucose) and fat deposition

So you can see why it’s important to nourish the vital structures you depend on every day, your bones; your mobility depends on their health; they regulate the flow of glucose throughout your body; your movements depend on their strength and integrity – just to name a few tasks they provide.

Your bones need ongoing dietary supplies of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Essential for normal growth and development, calcium is the major mineral matrix of bone structure. Calcium absorption is greatly facilitated by diets rich in magnesium, dietary vitamin D and exzposure to the sun. Support the structure that supports you – supplement with these key nutrients.

  • Calcium – essential for normal growth and development especially in the bones; can help to fight osteoporosis
  • Magnesium – a component of bone structure; helps to boost calcium absorption
  • Vitamin D – facilitates intestinal absorption of calcium

So it’s very easy to see why it’s so vitally important to take a daily supplement as insurance against getting a longer term issues due to mineral lack. To help Australians prevent the onset of a whole variety of chronic health problems where they begin (in your bones), the Savvy Team are taking the message about lifestyle changes that can make big inroads in helping protect your families health right into the home.

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2 thoughts to “The Back Bone of Sensible Supplementation”

  1. One of my team members had problems with her knee, she could not bend it and was told by her orthopaedic surgeon that it was busted and that the only way to fix it would be by an operation down the track. She did do the Rapid Fat Loss Program 18 months ago and once she finished that was on the 90 nutrients for about 8 months and has cut it back to Colloidal Minerals, Multi-vitamin and anti-oxidant. When she told me about the knee we added in Glucosamine compound and a nutritional to help with synovial.

    Only after one month she could bend it and now 3 months down the track she can jump on it and carry things has no problems at all. She is loving it and will always stay on these products. She also changed over all of her personal care and cleaning products when she did the weight management program and has stayed on them ever since.

    1. Wow, that’s great. Hey team, check out the Savvy Team site for a version of this that gives you the actual product. You can send your guests here (to HWW) and get your team on to the Savvy Team site to add their testimonial. Thanks so much Gwen.

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