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The 21st Century Leader Is An Enlightened Warrior

Heading up a successful business today is a lot different than it was 50 years ago.  The face of entrepreneurship is changing from the white middle-aged college educated male to a new class consisting of immigrants, women, baby boomers, and the younger digital generation. These groups are better prepared for success.

The boomers have a vast repertoire of skills and experiences while the youth possess a risk-taking attitude with very few financial commitments, so how do you marry the skills of both? If you listen to forward thinking business entrepreneurs, you’ll find a network marketing business where you can build teams that utilise the best skills of both groups.

The 21st century presents plenty of changes that will impact your small business in the future. What skills do you need to lead your business to success – not just today but also in the future?

Running a small business requires a focus on the present daily operations. With time restraints looking ahead becomes difficult. However, in order to succeed you need to know what’s ahead to better plan and avert danger, and you also need the resources and backing to stay on the cutting edge.

That’s what the Savvy team provide . . .

Increasingly entrepreneurs are looking to home-based businesses as a way to add a second or third stream of income and the trend is growing, and growing even faster when coupled with the low cost entry and huge potential of network marketing boom. According to the Kauffman Foundation, Americans aged 55 to 64 start a business at the highest rate of any age group—28% higher than the adult average.

Why is that? you may well ask. Well, after spending their best thirty or forty years in the workplace, these people have realised they need to do something different to the masses, if they want to set themselves up in retirement. No longer can corporate executives or ordinary workers depend on their superannuation or pension funds to support them in their old age. Unfortunately they mortgage their life’s assets and savings to enter a competitive market where 95% of people fail, and not only fail but loose all of their hard-earned life’s assets and savings to boot.

That is why a growing number of current employees and small-business owners are now valuing the path to entrepreneurship, and continue to think outside the box by joining the home-business revolution, and in particular network marketing. While they don’t loose their assets and savings, where these budding entrepreneurs of all ages mostly fall down is in learning the basics of duplication (which works in reverse to traditional methods of getting ahead) or in developing leadership skills to lead their growing team.

And so, in a business of unlimited opportunity with no capital outlay or risk, most people miss out on developing that ‘replacement for their super fund’ income by not apprenticing themselves wholeheartedly to their support team. All through a lack of taking advantage of the free resources: education, training and coaching. These three resources are the key to your success in a different way of doing business, and in network marketing it pays your leaders to give you the best. What a win-win game to be in!

As a 21st Century entrepreneur, leadership is the most important part of your job. However in this fast-paced, constantly changing business climate, you can’t model yourself on leadership archetypes from the past and expect to meet the challenges of today’s workplace. Barking orders at your subordinates in the domineering 1950s style of boss won’t get your team on your side. And the buddy-buddy, hang-loose management style of the 1990s won’t get results fast enough to keep pace with the competition.

So what are the traits the 21st century leader needs to succeed?

Some of the factors that make a great leader haven’t really changed. The abilities to innovate, execute and be a strong role model for your team will always be essential. But in addition to these qualities, a new leadership style is emerging with skills uniquely tailored for success in today’s environment. One management consultant has dubbed this new 21st century leader: The Enlightened Warrior.

Today’s successful business leader is decisive, insightful and constantly challenging company conventions to keep ideas flowing, says management consultant Mark Stevens, author of Your Management Sucks. According to business leaders like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, participating as an apprentice to a successful coach who has already developed experience in building a network marketing income actually prepares you with the training and skills to become such an Enlightened Warrior.

Enlightened, Stevens says, in the sense that a modern leader identifies opportunities before the competition, taking in information from all sides to spot possible new directions. The warrior side symbolizes a passion for accomplishment, for achieving a goal and also a willingness to go on the attack – against the competition, and against weaknesses in yourself and the organisation. “You need to wage constructive war continuously,” Stevens says. “It’s not just about firing people who aren’t doing the job, but [also] saying, ‘What are we not doing right?’ and then acting on it. It’s a war on complacency.”

In our experience complacency is every person’s biggest challenge, whether in traditional or home-based business. But the way complacency negatively impacts any emerging entrepreneurs’ results is multiplied exponentially in network marketing. The reason is: you are your own boss (even if it is part-time, you still need to put yourself to work). In your own business you do not have anyone else telling you what to do and this is both a blessing and a curse. In traditional business you have to turn up to work, open the doors, and pay the bills. Usually you work harder than you would for someone else, work longer hours, and often take home no pay at all for many years.

The Upside of Network Marketing

In network marketing it’s the complete opposite, with none of the downsides of traditional business and with too many upsides to list, but here’s a few.

  • You are still your own boss but there is no debt to cover so no bank manager to account to, as there are no upfront or ongoing costs.
  • The money you invest monthly is usually a transfer of what you have been spending elsewhere, except that now you actually get paid for spending it! Would you like to get paid for redirecting a portion your current monthly bills?
  • You get better quality products and services and save money at the same time. Contact the person who sent you to this site.
  • You have access to the top performers in your industry who are willing to spend their own time to train you, and usually their time is provided free.
  • You can get the most successful people in your support line who will coach you and help you stay on track.
  • These top performing leaders will even provide tools and strategies to increase your skill-sets, and in the Savvy Team this is all free.

For more on how this works and how you can participate go here – you will need the Username ‘savvy’ and Password ‘guest’ and make sure you get back to the person who directed you to this site if you want further information.

The Downsides of Network Marketing

In network marketing no-one loses their home or goes bankrupt (unlike 95% of traditional small-business owners), but often this external pressure is all that keeps small business owners in action. Unfortunately in network marketing, as it is your own business without any pressures of bank loans or bills, you get to choose what you do. You have no boss so even if your coach notices if you don’t do any work, they can only recommend what to do, they can’t force you to do it. You must be self-motivated.

The biggest downside of network marketing is why most people don’t get any results: they don’t get out of bed or turn off the TV, so most budding entrepreneurs never actually get themselves to work. They can even look and sound as if they are in action to their peers, however their results speak for themselves. Are they constantly expanding their market through their frontline and downline? Is their organisational volume growing monthly? If not, then they are not utilising their very best resource: the support structure in place to help them do that. As there is always a coach available to help them if any individual finds their activity is not productive, then the problem lies with the individual in not seeking constant committed coaching.

So while in network marketing your results are up to you, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself … You get to choose. But it’s also why business analysis’s actually recommend network marketing as an effective ‘business school’ for you to get your training as an entrepreneur, because you have an already successful coach who is willing to help you stay on track, and they usually do this for free! If you win they win . . . so they will give you their best advice. All you have to do is to make the time to connect with them and then take their recommendations into your business and personal activities.

Become an Enlightened Warrior

Several new factors in the current business environment demand the Enlightened Warrior kind of creative thinking, leadership experts say. One of these factors is the increasingly rapid pace of technological change, which opens up new possibilities for nearly every business. Another is being able to stay abreast of the changes in demand and also in what is moving people to choose their career. Two big changes currently are people-focused: the growing diversity of the nation’s work force and the anticipated worker shortages as baby boomers retire. Being ready to capatalise and adapt to these changes will put  you ahead of the market.

The business structures leading the way today are still based on models set up in the Industrial Age, but the ones who are managing to maintain growth and market share are those willing to change their thinking and their ways of doing business to meet the needs of the Information Age. Network marketing positions you to capitalise on several of the current business trends: the home-based business revolution, the distribution revolution and most also position themselves in the biggest revolution of all, the wellness revolution.

If you are fortunate enough to have found your way to this site, we recommend you check out the advantages for you in participating in a business that combines all three trends. If you take on the Enlightened Warrior attributes of:

  • being able to take in information from all sides to spot possible new directions … and move in that direction
  • having a passion for achieving a particular goal and also
  • being dedicated with an absolute sense of urgency and a commitment to it’s accomplishment
  • having a willingness to go on the attack to protect yourself and your teams –
    • against the competition by becoming stronger, innovative and more creative, and
    • against weaknesses in yourself and in the organisation by providing ongoing training and resources

… then you are setting your and your organisation up for ongoing growth through adaptation to the inevitable changes that we do not yet even know about. Here’s two of the key traits that are crucial in our changing workplace, for Enlightened Warriors.

Adaptability: If you could have only one skill in your toolkit, this is the one you need right now, says Marty Linsky, co-founder of consulting firm Cambridge Leadership Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts. With the marketplace changing practically overnight, CEOs need to be ready to learn fast and shift on the fly. Linsky says. “Adaptability is a very complicated process,” he adds. “You’re making hard choices, including sometimes giving up values or beliefs, or ways of doing business that may even have been crucial to earlier success.”

Linsky says leaders need to design their whole company for adaptability, not just possess the trait themselves. Build an environment where workers are encouraged to express their points of view and to raise tough issues before they become crises. Have an organization-wide emphasis on learning from mistakes.

The tough part is knowing what should change at a company and what can’t be altered without negative consequences, Linsky says. “Adaptability is a very complicated process,” he adds. “You’re making hard choices, including sometimes giving up values or beliefs, or ways of doing business that may even have been crucial to earlier success.”

“What’s needed is to really understand the situation and not necessarily do the thing that has worked before, but ask, ‘What’s working here?'” Linsky says. “Different situations require different behaviors.”

Self-Awareness: Before leaders can tackle the challenges at their organizations, they have to look in the mirror, says Ken Blanchard, co-author of the management classic The One Minute Manager, and more recently author of Leading at a Higher Level. “The journey of leadership is first taking a look at yourself,” he explains. “Then you’re ready to deal one-on-one, then you can take over a team, and then an organization.”

Alan Gilburg, principal at the Gilburg Leadership Institute in Holyoke, Massachusetts, agrees. Leaders need to look within and root out negative patterns. Gilburg says two types are common today: autocrats who like to make big decisions but don’t take responsibility for fulfilling their goals, and abdicrats who shift key decisions onto others when they should be leading. “It’s not about the tools and techniques,” he says. “It’s about the user of the tools.”

Once you’ve assessed your leadership strengths, you can play to those, work on improving weak areas, or hire people whose strengths will complement your own. If you join a network marketing business and get to work, you will find all the support necessary for you to work alongside someone with more success than your own, and they will coach and mentor you to success in much less time with much less stress.

As Robert Kiyosaki says: “Find a company with integrity and leaders who will train you, and build yourself a second stream of income part-time. &You never know when you will need it in this changing world. For more information on how we can help  contact

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2 thoughts to “The 21st Century Leader Is An Enlightened Warrior”

  1. Wow, this so reminds me of the challenges when I was running my own retail business. We do need to think about the small business people we encounter in our daily lives, smiling and keeping up the appearance of success in a premises that too often we suddenly find closed and empty. Thanks Admin, a great article, and one to bring hope to those hanging in – and inspiration those who want to to protect their future. Ending up a pensioner is not a good option, and will probably not even be an option by time many of today’s business owners get to retirement age.

  2. I agree Rhonda, and having chosen network marketing as my ‘escape route’ fifteen years ago … it’s been such a relief to have my income growing over the past few years of economic decline, when so many of my friends are loosing theirs in the traditional marketplace.

    I’m so grateful for this opportunity, and it’s so exciting to see some of those same friends begin to build themselves a solid and growing residual income and we’re delighted they have decided to access our skills and expertise to do it. We so love the opportunity to “pay it forward”.

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