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Give New Born Babies A Healthy Chance At Life

In general, the overall health and state of our bodies are not as optimal as they could be. Our diet and lifestyle has had a huge impact on all body systems so it is no surprise that our ‘fertility’ is affected. For this reason, many couples recognise that their bodies are in need of some maintenance and preparation before trying to conceive a baby.

Preconception care can be tailored to the individual’s or couple’s wants and needs, so it is a very important part of what we offer, as we want to make sure you are ready both physically and emotionally to conceive your baby. If you have the benefit of planning for a baby, preconception care is highly recommended to ensure that you are both ready to produce a beautiful healthy baby.

Fertility is a big concern for many people wanting to start a family and the good news is that you don’t have to rely on standard medicine treatments if you should have trouble falling pregnant.  There are plenty of natural options available that are less invasive, more relaxing, and that work.

Preconception Care Is Important!

If you want to conceive a baby or simply manage your reproductive health naturally, without chemicals or intrusive devices, there are proven methods that put you in control of your fertility and achieve optimum results.  Read More

Why Women In China Do Not Get Breast Cancer

As Dangerous As The Disease


I had no alternative but to die or to try to find a cure for myself. I am a scientist – surely there was a rational explanation for this cruel illness that affects one in 12 women in the UK ?

I had suffered the loss of one breast, and undergone  radiotherapy. I was now receiving painful chemotherapy, and had been seen by some of the country’s most eminent specialists. But, deep down, I felt certain I was facing death. I had a loving husband, a beautiful home and two young children to care for. I desperately wanted to live. Read More

EFA Benefits For Increased Fertility

It’s wonderful that at last mainstream ‘health’ research findings now show that both eating well and using nutritional supplementation, well before conception as well as during pregnancy and during breast feeding, can have a long term positive effect on the health of your baby for the rest of their life.

Today let’s look at nutrient levels, at the benefits of supplementation and in particular of essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Omega-3 fats are important for eye function, learning, memory, vision and behaviour. The impact they have on both foetal development and the mothers health is no longer new news to most parents.  Most people are aware these days that we all need an adequate supply of all nutrients to remain healthy, but do you know what part EFAs alone, play in eye function, learning, memory, vision and behaviour?

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Boost Ageing Hormone Levels

DHEA is short for the tongue-twisting word Dehydroepiandrosterone. 
DHEA is a naturally occurring steroid hormone produced in the adrenal glands by both men and women, and it’s the most abundant steroid hormone in the bloodstream.

DHEA is a “precursor” hormone – that is, it is the mother hormone that the body can convert into over 50 essential hormones, including testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and cortisone to name a few.

It’s called the fountain of youth, the super-hormone, the antidote to aging. And some preliminary human research says DHEA supplements can help people look younger, feel better and live longer. Circulating throughout the human body, it is present at even higher levels in brain tissue. In fact, brain tissue contains 5 to 6 times more DHEA than any other tissue in the human body. As we age our DHEA production falls dramatically.

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