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Lose Weight – Gain An Income!

Did you know that Australian women spend a staggering half a billion dollars trying to get into shape at the start of each new year and most never get anywhere near their goals?

In fact, 43 per cent of women investing in their shape said they saw no benefit from the money spent at the start of the year. Would you be inspired to help your friends achieve their weight-loss goals at a fraction of the cost, in a fraction of the time? And help them (and yourself) learn how to keep it off?

Joining a cyber-based weight loss group is reported to be one of the biggest trends in 2012 for those seeking to shed those Christmas kilos. Unfortunately while people have the best intentions to eat well and exercise hard when it comes to new year resolutions, only 10 per cent ever see the benefit. Let the Savvy team change that for you. Read More

New Danger Found In Bigger Waistlines

Australian experts are worried fat baby boomers are pushing up rates of heart conditions linked to stroke which makes the heart beat up to four times faster says Cathy O’Leary, medical editor for The West (West Australian Newapaper).

Joan Suosaari brought the August 13-14, 2011 news clipping from The Weekend West, of an article reporting a recent stroke study, back from their recent trip to WA, to let you know of the extra benefits of doing the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol (formerly ‘FOTM’ program). The article is no longer in the paper archives, however an article written a week later promoting a new drug for arterial fibrillation is still there . . . isn’t that interesting!

Heart disease researchers meeting in Perth for the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand say there has been a marked rise in arterial fibrillation, one of the most common types of irregular heart beat, resulting in almost 50,000 hospital admissions a year.

Although the condition is known to increase with age and be fuelled by high blood pressure, being overweight has not been seen traditionally as an important factor. While a normal heart beats 60-100 times a minute, atrial fibrillation makes the heart beat up to 400 times a minute, increasing the risk of stroke up to seven times and generally causing more fatal events.  Read More

The Savvy Team’s Rapid Fat Loss and Detox Protocol

In the Savvy Team, we offer a variety of protocols depending on your needs, goals and weight management history (scroll right to the end for some happy results). The program discussed here is our ‘Rapid Fat Loss Protocol’, which we affectionately call the RFL program. It’s a simple program that teaches you strategies that transform your size, shape, weight, energy and overall well-being … in as little as a few weeks. 

Remember when you could eat everything you wanted and not gain weight?  That was your body’s systems working optimally. Have you ever put on weight in those odd, hard-to-budge places?

What this lovely lady is holding is a model of how much bulk 2.5 kilos of fat has, what it actually looks like. Gross hey! Every kilo of fat gone means you lose a significant amount bulk. Just imagine the difference between having just one of those gross blobs of fat (2.5 kilos worth) off your body. How would that make you look and feel? Would you like to lose a kilo of fat every two to five days?

All of our programs help you lose fat and gain muscle, but on the Rapid Fat Loss program you do it quickly, and without any strenuous exercise. Why is this so important for you to know? Because fat occupies more space (volume) in the body, whereas muscle has a high density and as it increases it gives you a leaner appearance. Plus scientists are saying that the more muscle you have, the longer you’ll live.

Instead of just losing some weight and then putting on even more fat, we are going to help you tackle the reasons why your body has put on this extra fat, and deal with them for good. Not only that, we will walk beside you, guiding your path as you follow simple strategies to realign your body so it releases those bulges, weight and fat forever, leaving a slimmer, sexier, happier and healthier you.

When you reach your desired shape and size, we teach you how to stabilise your results and maintain it for the long term. That’s how to avoid the yo-yoing that causes unnecessary suffering for so many people.

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