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Bring Your Work and Life Into Balance

Balancing Life and Work Isn't Easy

Most people don’t know how to balance work in relationship to other areas of their life, often described as work/life balance, and this causes untold stress everywhere in their lives.

Hectic work schedules, increased responsibility, new technology, and the need to read and respond to growing quantities of email and voicemail are just some of the things that place huge demands on your work life.

This pressure may cause you to feel as if your work is a prison that you can never escape, as more and more keeps coming at you. It can also make you feel overwhelmed and stuck, so that you cannot even conceive of taking on anything – even the things you may really want to do.

It’s important to develop new skills that made each task that you take on easier as well as learn simple strategies of delegation and empowerment of self and others. The concept of learning how to get more done in less time, remember the old adage: “If you want something done quickly and well, give it to a busy person.”? It may sound trite, but it’s true, and this is the reason why some people can achieve so much, while most of us lead mediocre lives. Often our poor attitudes, organizational or people skills are what’s holding us back, but these can be easily developed. Read More

The Natural Way to Better Health for Life

Everyone seems to have a special health remedy these days: Pilates specialists, raw-food specialists, sleep-disorder specialists, air-purification specialists, and of course countless “diet” specialists.

But we learnt first-hand twenty years ago, that good health is not the result of trendy “discoveries” by pseudo-scientists or one luminary’s expertise in an isolated field. And that it isn’t necessarily an accident – although people may accidently develop healthful habits due to upbringing, culture or circumstance.

After more than twenty years examining the effects of a variety of lifestyle factors on the human body, and teaching many thousands of people how to regain good health, we’ve realized even more strongly than before that good health is based on synergy. As we’ve taught for decades, there are multiple components working together to make you feel great, and we incorporated these first in our 2000 joint book 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger which has been available more recently in an ebook version.

In this article we bring these essential building blocks together in one powerful resource, so you can personally take responsibility for your own and your families health, once and for all. The book is currently being re-written to bring it up-to-the-minute, and will be republished shortly.

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