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Sick Home – Healthy Home

Over the last 50 years humans have changed the face of the earth. The chemical revolution has brought us many consumer delights, but these have come at a very high price when you consider their affect on our future health and wellbeing.

This toxic chemical onslaught is still happening today, causing an increasing number of health issues and epidemics, resulting from any number of 75,000 plus and growing, commonly used, potentially toxic synthetic chemicals, released into our environment or applied directly to or into our bodies each day by consumer products. Check out this Endocrine Disrupting Chemical report by the WHO.

Many years ago Samuel Epstein asked us, “Are you even aware that Australia has no regulations concerning the safety of ingredients in the products we use in the home?” Read More

Why Take Nutrition?

You Need 90 Nutrients For Optimal Health!

Only with the right nutrients given to the cells can our metabolism (the minute-by-minute workings of the body) perform in the most efficient and healthy way. When you get your full compliment of at least 90 nutrients it means you will feel vital, energetic and full of life.

You can think of nutrients and metabolism as a kind of bucket brigade.

Let’s say you have a health problem. For this example, we’ll say it’s like having a house on fire. The goal is to put out the fire (heal the health, energy, or sleep problem, for example). You have a line of people, passing buckets of water to toss on the fire. These are like the nutrients that do the work of metabolism. If there are not enough people in the line to stretch between the water source and the fire, then the process will not be complete. In our example, this means the fire will burn up the house.

In the example of nutrient shortage, your body gets overwhelmed and it does not function as it could. Read More

Natural Detoxification: Fact vs. Fiction

Recently The New York Times ran a story on the growing popularity of natural detoxification, reporting that, “… sales of herbal formulas for cleansing, detoxification and organ support among natural food retailers were more than $27 billion” from the beginning of December 2007 to late November 2008.

The reason for the growing interest? People are beginning to realize that the human body may be up against more than it can handle. These days our bodies are exposed to more dangerous toxins than ever before. They’re in our homes, our cars, our places of work. They’re in the air we breathe and the food we eat; they’re even in our beds!

Although we’re equipped with certain natural defenses that are working to purge those toxins, our bodies normal defences eventually become overwhelmed. Unable to deal with this continual onslaught of exogenous and indogenous toxins, no longer able to perform the detoxification task on their own, we end up suffering from needless illness. and disease unless we take extra steps to deal with this issue.

So how do you solve this reoccurring problem? That’s where the Savvy Team come in. Read More