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New Danger Found In Bigger Waistlines

Australian experts are worried fat baby boomers are pushing up rates of heart conditions linked to stroke which makes the heart beat up to four times faster says Cathy O’Leary, medical editor for The West (West Australian Newapaper).

Joan Suosaari brought the August 13-14, 2011 news clipping from The Weekend West, of an article reporting a recent stroke study, back from their recent trip to WA, to let you know of the extra benefits of doing the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol (formerly ‘FOTM’ program). The article is no longer in the paper archives, however an article written a week later promoting a new drug for arterial fibrillation is still there . . . isn’t that interesting!

Heart disease researchers meeting in Perth for the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand say there has been a marked rise in arterial fibrillation, one of the most common types of irregular heart beat, resulting in almost 50,000 hospital admissions a year.

Although the condition is known to increase with age and be fuelled by high blood pressure, being overweight has not been seen traditionally as an important factor. While a normal heart beats 60-100 times a minute, atrial fibrillation makes the heart beat up to 400 times a minute, increasing the risk of stroke up to seven times and generally causing more fatal events.  Read More

What’s Oral Chelation?

The term “oral” simply refers to “mouth.”  When you take something “orally,” you take it into the mouth.  Normally the word would not relate to “drinking” or sucking through a straw, but you get the idea.  So, when you take something orally, as you normally take vitamin tablets – you simply put them in your mouth, with water, and swallow.

The word “chelation” starts with the Greek Root of this word – chele. Chele, in Greek, means the claw part of a crab or lobster.  So, “chele” refers to a grabbing action. When you add the rest of those letters, getting “chelation” you simply have a word that means the “grabbing action” of some substance.

And so Oral Chelation is simply explaining a process of consuming supplements that help clean up your body. It’s said to be the most efficient and effective way to cleanse the body from heavy metal toxicity, take a load of your liver and kidneys and to clear clogged arteries and blood vessels. If you’d like to watch a video explaining the process, read on.

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