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Healthy-Savvy-Life ‘WEEKLY WRAP’, Q&A | HSL61

Each Saturday as part of the ‘Healthy Savvy Life’ Show, we’re doing a ‘Weekly Wrap’ where we answer questions that have come in from the Community and . . . if you’re part of the live session – your questions too!!

In this session of the ‘Weekly Wrap’ . . .

  • Hidden Triggers of STRESS
  • The Incredible Benefits of Getting More GREENS in Your Diet
  • World ENVIRONMENT Day (and the ‘sneaky’ causes of air pollution in your home!
  • Plus YOUR Questions answered!

We hope you find this ‘Weekly Wrap’ + Q&A Episode valuable!

Please share your thoughts and any questions!

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Alkalising Benefits of Our Green Food Powder

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is what I think of using vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

I believe that eating fresh, high quality food, locally grown whenever possible, should be the first dietary priority in every person’s life. There isn’t a single nutritional supplement in this world that can do more for your health than a well-balanced, minimally processed diet can.

With that said, there is one whole-food nutritional product that I can recommend without hesitation, and that’s a super green food powder. Inspired by the wisdom and healing legacy of traditional Chinese medicine, our green energy whole-food is designed to benefit your overall wellbeing by supporting vitality and healthy digestion.

The organic plant and herbal ingredients in it provide a rich source of essential nutrients, antioxidants and active enzymes that can provide health benefits through stimulating cell renewal, supporting alkalising diets, adding fibre, encouraging correct bodily function and promoting a general detoxification of the system.  Read More