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Fertility, Men’s Health, the Nutritional Links

Whatever you or your man is after advice on nutrition about, whether it be to improve fitness, a healthier body, a better sex life, less stress with in the workplace, to eliminate depression or just less emotional stress generally, he will find a host of information here that can make a difference.

However something every man is interested is how to  . . . keep his prostate healthy! In recent years as seen in the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, Medical Students Journal, there has been a growing interest in using herbal and nutritional supplements for the prevention of prostate cancer.

9 Tips To Care For Your Man’s Prostate!

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Pregnancy: Getting all the Needed Vitamins & Minerals for a Healthy Baby!

Vitamins and minerals help give your body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and repair any damages that may occur throughout your day-to-day life. Eating a healthy, varied diet in pregnancy (and preferably well before conception) will help you get some – but not the optimal levels – of the vitamins and minerals you need for the healthy development of your baby.

It is best to get as many vitamins and minerals from the food you eat, but when you are pregnant you will need to take some supplements as well if you want to ensure optimum health for both mother and child. Do you know what vitamins and minerals are especially important?

While a well balanced diet should give enough of the macro nutrients required for you and your baby during pregnancy, there are many trace elements and co-factors required for good health, that will be almost impossible to get without supplementation with good colloidal minerals. Plus, if you are vegetarian, you also might find it hard to get enough iron and vitamin B12, even with a varied and balanced diet.

For both the mother’s health and the health of her baby, it is advised to take specific multivitamin and mineral supplements, especially ones that include the trace elements, during both pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding after the birth of the baby.

Preparation is a Key To a Healthy Baby . . .

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