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The 7 Steps To A Savvy Lifestyle

Kick-start your weight loss plans by turning a sluggish metabolism into a fat-burning engine with these easy and basic sure-fire, well-proven tips.

Deciding to eat better is one thing – doing it is another! We all know that eating greasy, packaged foods laden with saturated fat, salt and preservatives increase our risk of diseases such as strokes, diabetes and cancer… but instead of focusing on what you shouldn’t eat, focus on what you CAN.

Eating more of the Savvy organic choices from the ‘Eat Savvy Diet’ is the basis of all our programs. Others say the first step to longevity, and a long and healthy life, is to eat more. But we believe eating more may not be the answer, because there are an abundance of studies that show that longevity comes from eating less, and less often!

The first step of a savvy wellness program is to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals. This includes pesticides, herbicides etc in your food and even more importantly personal exposure in the home. You may be horrified to discover that toxins in the home is one of the leading causes of disease and early demise, according to the WHO report of 2012.

Much has been written on this topic on this site, so we recommend you do a bit or research here, as turning off the toxic tap is an obvious and extremely easy step – once you know how to do it! And if you haven’t downloaded the WHO report – now is the time to rad the article above and do it. There are things you are doing to yourself and your family every day – that could be causing you all harm. And not just affecting your health today, but that of your children’s future children.

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Thyroid Issues, HRT, Obesity, Depression all GONE: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

I was very thin as young girl, till I got married and went on the first contraceptive pill just 1 month before (at 19 ½ years). After 3 weeks honeymoon, I came back 1 stone (6 ½ kilos) heavier than I had ever been, and my body is only just beginning to recover, almost forty years later.

The Pill really mucked-up my system for rest of my life. Before then I had been on no medication whatsoever, and only ever had 1 illness in my whole life to that point. I kept putting on weight – and every child-birth added extra weight that I couldn’t budge.

I went on numerous diets and spent $10,000s on weight-loss programs – Jenny, Craig, Gloria Marshall, gyms, medically-prescribed diet pills, weight-loss groups, etc, over 30-40 years. You name it and I’ve probably done it. But I just kept putting on weight. When doing those programs and diets I could never lose more than 10k, and I always put it back on double, when I went off any diet. I’d like to share what happened when I came across the Savvy Team and their wellness programs. Read More