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Hormonal Imbalance: What Women Need to Know about HRT, the Pill & Hysterectomy

“HRT can double the risk of breast cancer”… ran the shock news headlines, following a British study reported in The Lancet.

But this wasn’t news to psychotherapist, writer and ‘hormone whistleblower’ Dr Sherrill Sellman.

[This article was initially published in ICON Magazine]


A decade ago, as a personal quest, Dr Sellman uncovered hidden truths about synthetic oestrogen since when she has become an impassioned advocate for womens health.

Her book Hormone Heresy and the popular lectures she’s been giving across America, Australia, England and Ireland explode the 40 year old myth that the Pill and HRT are the golden keys to womens welfare.

Quite the contrary, contends Sherrill: synthetic oestrogen may represent the fatted calf of pharmaceutical industries worldwide, but it has devastated womens energy, libido, equilibrium – and our resistance to assorted cancers.

How come, asks Sherrill, the incidence of breast cancer in America has risen three per cent each year since 1980? How is it that 35,000 women a year now contract endometrial cancer, of which synthetic oestrogen is the only known cause? Why are PMS, infertility and miscarriage on the rise and 40 million women reporting low libido? “Approaching a million American women a year have hysterectomies” says Sherrill, “of which 90-95 per cent are medically nonessential. Three-quarters of all hysterectomies are performed on women under 49 who are then catapulted into surgical menopause. Most are offered HRT to reduce hot flushes, joint pains and depression which could safely be addressed by natural methods.

“Hormones” she adds “are natures finely tuned messengers of lifes processes. They are very powerful and we tamper with them at our peril.” That tampering began when the Pill was first prescribed despite five women having died of strokes and heart attacks during the single years pre-marketing trial.


“HRT can double the risk of breast cancer”

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Getting Your Hormones On Track

While few people know about adrenal fatigue, it’s been cited as a silent health epidemic, thought to affect up to 80% of the population at some stage.

Do any of these symptoms relate to you?

  • Tired of feeling tired?
  • Do you struggle to get out of bed or wake up feeling unrested?
  • Are you basically running on empty, feeling exhausted from dawn to dusk?
  • Does your body ache and you always feel exhausted?
  • Is your memory deteriorating, your thinking foggy?
  • Feeling twice your age?
  • Do you finish the day with nothing left in your tank?
  • Do you have trouble getting to sleep even thought you feel tired?
  • Do you have trouble dealing with stress?
  • Do you crave salty food, or use lots of stimulants like sugar or caffeine?

Many doctors at the forefront of wellness now believe enjoying all-day energy, a sharper brain, optimal immunity and better health could be as simple as nurturing these two tiny glands. We wrote about what a divers impact they have in your body in The Silent Health Saboteur.

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The Silent Health Saboteur

Surely if there’s an underlying cause of our widespread weariness, we should know about it?  Dr Peter Dobie integrative GP and adrenal fatigue specialist, explains:

“The reason doctors don’t flag it is because they’re taught in medical school that the adrenal glands are either working perfectly well or not working at all, which is a condition called Addison’s disease.  However, an increasing number of doctors, myself included, believe there’s a grey area or intermediate zone of adrenal function where the adrenals are working, but not as well as they should be.

The adrenal glands produce around 50 different hormones, which influence everything from how we handle stress, to upsetting metabolism, and areas such as the  inflammatory response, blood glucose levels, blood pressure and our fluid and electrolyte balance.

The more you can restore your adrenals to optimal function, the more you get your life back. You will then have the energy to fulfil your passion and purpose, and you become the healthy, empowered person you are meant to be. Read More