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Give Yourself A Fresh Start To The New Year

Give yourself a fresh start in 2012, starting with a nutritional overhaul.

If you want to loose up to eight kilos in just weeks, ask the person who sent you to this site about the Savvy teams fantastic  nutritional program that works like magic.

A new year means a new start, and adopting a new diet resolve is fairly common for those of us who may have overindulged over the festive season.

If you use good quality nutrient supplements daily they help re-establish good eating behaviours, you feel better, you are more attracted to fresh food and they eliminate the sugar and carb cravings. So this year, give the concept of “positive nutrition” a go as you kick-start the year with your own version of a diet overhaul.  Read More

Detoxification Starts With The Skin

When we talk about detoxification, we are not talking about prescribing any of the array of dubious “cleanser cocktails” although there are times when these may be necessary. Actually starting on detoxification is much simpler than that. Instead of looking at what you can do to eliminate the toxins already residing in you, or trying to cover up the odours with more toxins or ignore the fact that there may be toxins around you, why not ‘turn off the toxic tap’ before they get to your home!

Stop these products by leaving them in the isles in the supermarket! The approach the Savvy Team utilize in the area of detoxification is to first of all become aware of the many ways you can ‘turn off your home’s toxic tap’, and to shop with safety in mind.

When you realise that your skin is your largest detox organ and you understand the importance of keeping it functioning well in it’s process of detoxification, you hopefully will take the simple steps that go a long way towards improving your overall health and prolonging your life.   Read More

Gallstones or Muscle Strain?

About The Gallbladder
Your gallbladder is an organ that sits just under the liver. It helps you digest fat by storing and secreting the bile produced in the liver. When you eat fatty food it secretes this concentrated bile through ducts into the small intestine where your food starts to be digested.

When the liver is not functioning properly, or when nutrients like choline or taurine are deficient, the bile that collects in your gallbladders becomes thickened or gritty. The health of your liver is extremely crucial to long-term health. A congested liver is the root reason behind many modern diseases such as acne, yeast infection, leaky gut, digestive issues, as well as gallstones.

Many think gallstones are a function of poor gallbladder function, when they are actually produced in the liver and just stored in the gall. This can occur more often after age 30 especially in women, as a result of nutritional deficiencies, a toxic liver or hormonal issues. You can then have trouble processing and digesting fats due to the lack of viscosity of the bile. This can result in nausea, abdominal cramps, strangely coloured or loose stools or pain in the right side of your abdomen after you eat, especially after a larger sweet, heavy, fatty, or spicy meal.

Over time, Read More