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Exhaustion Gone, Temper Tantrums Gone: How ‘Being Savvy’ Improved My Family’s Wellbeing!

Saturday Success Story: Carolyn shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made for her family’s wellbeing!

After my first son Morris was born, he and I were quite unwell.

He had early surgery and wasn’t sleeping for more than two hours at a stretch – before or after. Obviously, we were both exhausted! At eleven months we stopped giving him wheat, dairy and breastmilk. His sleeping began to settle, but we were still not in a good way.

I spoke to a number of different practitioners and therapists (GP, naturopath, osteopath, Tresillian, cranial sacral therapist, a controlled crying person, all sorts of practitioners) to seek help.

“Nothing seemed to work. In fact we were both so exhausted that I was unable to make anything work.”

It was time to take different course of action . . .

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The ADD – ADHD Disaster Today: How Nutrition Helps!

A few years ago a mother brought her 5-year-old, supposedly ADHD son to see me during their holidays interstate. Without his usual Ritalin, which was required for him to attend school, he was often impossible to manage, yet his mother knew that inside was a gentle little boy who occasionally appeared.

He roared through the front door, knocked over a lamp and proceeded to terrorize my home until we took him out on the balcony. Even the most casual observer would agree that this little boy was acting as if something was irritating him, and that his behaviour was more than just naughty. He was behaving as though someone was constantly sticking him with thumb tacks, or as if he was actually wearing the proverbial ‘hair shirt’.

Concerned at the side affects of the Ritalin, a friend had suggested she pay me a visit, to see if any light could be shed on his erratic behaviour. Her friend had had personal experience with our savvy strategies on her own children health. The disastrous effects of what seem like insurmountable issues, syndromes and the like, can be as simple as dealing with three simple steps that any family cam take. 1-2-3. After all, as we say ‘Wellness, It’s Not That Hard!‘.

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EFA Benefits For Increased Fertility

It’s wonderful that at last mainstream ‘health’ research findings now show that both eating well and using nutritional supplementation, well before conception as well as during pregnancy and during breast feeding, can have a long term positive effect on the health of your baby for the rest of their life.

Today let’s look at nutrient levels, at the benefits of supplementation and in particular of essential fatty acids (EFA’s). Omega-3 fats are important for eye function, learning, memory, vision and behaviour. The impact they have on both foetal development and the mothers health is no longer new news to most parents.  Most people are aware these days that we all need an adequate supply of all nutrients to remain healthy, but do you know what part EFAs alone, play in eye function, learning, memory, vision and behaviour?

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ADD/ADHD/ODD/ASD are not ‘diseases.’

In millions of households across the world, parents have noticed their children’s behaviour to be far more abnormal than expected, even within their particular age group. These abberant traits, as we have seen, have been prescribed medical epithets or disease classifications from the psychiatry fields of medicine along with ‘unavoidable’ prescribed drugs that can cause them irrepairebable harm.

But are these actually ‘mental diseases’ or do they have a more straight forward explanation? It hard to believe that medical science would not be following the healthiest path for children’s wellness, however Phillip Day, health researcher and international speaker and author would say otherwise. Day says in his 2003 book ‘The ABC’s of Disease’, “How likely is it that millions of children have suddenly become mentally ill?”
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