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No More Asthma, ‘GORD’, Diarrhoea or Liver Issues: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Paula shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made for her wellbeing and that of her dog Bessie too!

“I began on the Savvy Team recommended probiotic and prebiotic complex and it was like magic – the problem went away. I rarely have a bowel issue today.

I had also been suffering from GORD issues (gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) and taking Nexium and Tazac for years.

On this program I have been able to eliminate the need for that medication completely.”


It was at a bush picnic with the Karawatha Forest Protection Society, of which I am now their Secretary,  that my story with the Savvy Team all started . . .

I stumbled across Savvy Team member Alan, in the forest while we were both on a bush walk and happened to be walking side by side.  He heard my persistent cough and after enquiring about it, he suggested that he may be able to help me.

I have suffered from conditions such as asthma and bronchitis for many years and this had been a very bad year for me.  In addition to the asthma and bronchitis, I had a nasty and very inconvenient problem of diarrhoea and loose stools particularly in the morning. I always had to get out of bed 2 hours before leaving the house to allow time for eating and ablutions.

Little did I know how simple the solution would be . . .

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No More Knee Pain, ‘Skin Cancer Cuts’ or Low Energy: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Rhonda shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made for her and her personal wellbeing!

“I am very grateful to the Savvy Team for the health education, and for recommending clean, safe, effective products that enable us to put the information into practice.”

I have been on the Savvy wellness program, and using the recommended products, for almost 18 years. The Savvy detox program saved me from some major health problems back then, including the impending loss of a kidney. I was so lacking energy I was unable to follow the doctor’s advice to go walking daily, and it was a challenge just to get out of bed and face a working day.

Yet within six weeks I was striding out thinking how good it was to be alive!

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Research Suggests Arthritis Sufferers Prefer The Natural Approach

Earlier this year, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare re-published a report: ‘Medication Use for Arthritis and Osteoporosis’ as published by the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia on May 10, 2010.

This report not only detailed prescription medicine use, but also over-the-counter complementary use ingredients, with some very positive findings.

The report said: “Complementary Medicines are commonly used as primary interventions for arthritis and osteoporosis.” The term ‘complimentary medicines’ was used throughout the report for natural substances the body requires for good health and of course for good bone and joint health.

The study found that in fact natural alternatives (our preferred term for ‘complimentary medicines’), are used more and more for all sorts of joint pain and inflammation as the preferred choice of prevention, care and even repair.

The report brings together data on the use of medications for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis from the 2004-05 National Health Survey (NHS) and the Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) General Practitioner (GP) activity surveys from 1998-99 to 2007-08.
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