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Laundry Powder Leaves More Than You Expect!

Does anyone in your family suffer from skin problems, rashes, allergies, asthma? Perhaps you’ve tried everything and you just can’t seem to get on top of it? I know what it’s like because that’s what I was dealing with as a young mother. Four of my five children had skin problems, asthma and, or allergies. When I looked further after twelve years of constant issues, I was horrified at what I found. There were several rooms of the house that I had to take to task, but for now I am going to direct your attention to the laundry.

Maybe you’re overlooking this one single aspect, and changing what you use there could make all the difference. Did you know that the laundry is one of the most insidious aspects of your home, when it comes to unaccountable health issues? Did you know that most cleaning agents contain a toxic slew of chemicals? That even your laundry powder can leave residues on your clothing that can be potentially absorbed by your skin or even evaporate into the air  around you, for you to breathe in?

Typical laundry detergents may be imparting more on your clothing and skin than a “fresh” scent.

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Could Health Conditions Be Linked To Our Homes?

In the past twenty years childhood allergies and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder have increased by 400%, one in four children have asthma, breast cancer has more than doubled since the 1960s, the age of puberty is dramatically declining, sperm count has dropped by 50% and IVF is where you go to have children.

Could these conditions and hundreds more be linked to our homes? Could what we are unknowingly doing around and within the home be affecting the health of our families? Could what we bring into our homes add to the rapid increase in illness? The answer is a resounding: “YES!”

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Alkalising Benefits of Our Green Food Powder

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked is what I think of using vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

I believe that eating fresh, high quality food, locally grown whenever possible, should be the first dietary priority in every person’s life. There isn’t a single nutritional supplement in this world that can do more for your health than a well-balanced, minimally processed diet can.

With that said, there is one whole-food nutritional product that I can recommend without hesitation, and that’s a super green food powder. Inspired by the wisdom and healing legacy of traditional Chinese medicine, our green energy whole-food is designed to benefit your overall wellbeing by supporting vitality and healthy digestion.

The organic plant and herbal ingredients in it provide a rich source of essential nutrients, antioxidants and active enzymes that can provide health benefits through stimulating cell renewal, supporting alkalising diets, adding fibre, encouraging correct bodily function and promoting a general detoxification of the system.  Read More