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What Is Epigenetics?

By Merlin Crossley

The word epigenetics means things imposed “on top of genetics”. But what sort of things? Imagine a white mouse breeds with a black mouse – say you get three white babies and three black babies. That’s genetics. We can explain that. The black babies inherited a gene encoding the ability to make the pigment melanin, the others got a defective gene, so they are white.

But what if you get some stripey mice like zebras? How do you explain that? All parts of the mouse have the gene that can make black fur but the blackness only occurs in some places. Think of dalmatian dogs, or of giraffes or leopards. Genetics can explain a black or white cat in a litter, but what about a stripey cat?

Epigenetics is about turning genes on or off. It’s also about doing this stably; a leopard doesn’t change its spots even if it sheds its fur each year. So epigenetics is about stable cellular memory that persists after cell division and, in some cases, even through sexual reproduction. Read More

Herbal Wisdom from Doctors of Ancient China ~ To Help You Boost Vitality & Slow Ageing!


Boost Your Vitality, Slow Ageing & Prevent Disease with these 5 Herbs that Date Back Centuries!

The Chinese believe health is a combination of body, mind and soul – and that good health is achieved by balancing all three systems. Oriental teachings address even complex psychological dimensions through this philosophy of “wholeness.” Balance in the body is vitally important and each organ must balance with interrelated organs to create positive energy in the entire body.

For over two millennia, physicians of China’s Imperial Court researched the effects of various herbs on the human body. Meticulous record-keepers, these physicians kept complete, accurately written logs so that those who came after them could build upon their research. They were eventually catalogued under the watchful eye of court physician Li Shi Zhen and under direct orders from Emperor Ming Cheng Zu during the Ming Dynasty, the most magnificent period of cultural renaissance in Oriental history, which ruled China for nearly 300 years.

The thousands of Imperial herbal prescriptions were some of the most prized possessions of the royal family and their extensive medical library of pharmacopoeia were used for Ming Dynasty emperors and their families to improve health and wellbeing and to assist with longevity. The anti-ageing properties of many of these herbs are well known – and many of these royal formulas are still available today.

Many herbal formulations used today, draw upon the philosophy of this ancient Chinese medical knowledge and use combinations of ingredients taken from this ancient pharmacopoeia. Part of this philosophy states that the body’s life force or ‘Qi’ (pronounced and often written as ‘chi’), is composed of energy that flows through the body’s internal pathways. As the imperial physicians found 2000 years ago, there are specifically selected herbs proven today to have an invigorating effect on Qi.

This can be extremely beneficial as the levels of chi in adults do decrease over time and this loss is exacerbated when we suffer from the effects of environmental factors which can cause energy imbalances in the body. So to support the optimal performance of your body’s bio-systems; to improve your health and support your anti-ageing efforts; including some special Chinese herbal nutrients that fuel and strengthen the entire body – seems like a wise idea!

Here are just some of Emperor Ming Cheng Zu’s favourite herbs that were used for health, wellness, anti-ageing and longevity.

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Ageing: Is It Skin Deep or Hormones?

These days, what’s more important than your chronological age is your biological age, which is calculated by looking at a number of parameters that measure your cognitive function, cell and tissue function and physical structure of the body, and compare them with healthy young adults. Age is definitely not just a number. Dr Anu Arasu (Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Integrated Medicine) says it has been discovered that all the biomarkers of age are closely linked – whether it be hormone levels, gut, heart or liver health, ageing skin or one’s immune system function. The function of our whole body affects it’s ability to regenerate, and thus to prevent unnecessary premature ageing.

The signs of ageing are most visible in the skin, but its a misconception to think that this is the only effect of ageing on our body. As we age most of us feel the other signs, achy joints, breathlessness, stiffness, pain just to name a few.

Many people take these symptoms ‘of old age’ for granted, and indeed your doctor may well tell you that it is to be expected. But just as it’s a misconception to think that hormones are just responsible for our sex lives and reproduction, so it is a misconception to believe that it is ‘normal’ to end up with blood sugar, cholesterol, or other problems such as heart disease or cancer. Read More

Pamper And Protect Your Skin

Your skin is a living, breathing organ – in fact, the largest organ in your body. It is the first line of defence against the environment. Most of your skin stays covered – but hands and face regularly bear the brunt of environmental damage. You don’t need us to tell you the important part your face plays in your life: it is what you greet the world with.

So how can you take care of the skin on your face without exposing it to extra chemical damage? The correct skin care is arguably the biggest secret to having beautiful, glowing skin, however here are other tips that make a difference to how you look and feel:

  1. Stay hydrated, healthy, happy, slim
  2. Manage your stress, it’s ageing you.
  3. Detox occasionally, support your body’s metabolism
  4. Relax, Rest, Recuperate
  5. Smile – Be happy – be grateful – be positive
  6. Use safe formulas on your body. Safety starts with your skin
    • Choose a safe sunscreen on your skin
    • Exfoliate occasionally
    • Choose safe gentle cleansers
    • Moisturise with the best ingredients
  7. Pamper yourself with a Spa treatment

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