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Secrets For Anti-Ageing And Life-Extension

Through the ages, no one has really looked forward to getting old. Did you know that we humans are the only animals that do not live to our full age potential?

Researchers say that if you take the age at which maturity is reached in all other animals, and multiply it by seven, that’s their expected life span. On top of that in their natural state they live that life as healthy and vibrant beings without medical assistance.

Somewhere between the ages of 16 and 21 humans are considered to be fully mature, this means our genetic expected lifespan is between 112 to 147 years!

Human-kind as a whole definitely don’t make anything like that lifespan, and the average time we spend the last years of our life in aged care at present, is 19 years! Shocked? You should be. So why is it that our average lifespan is only half that it could be at 72 years? And why are we now afflicted with so many diseases, with all the millions od dollars spent on healthcare and research? 

Dr Joel Wallach (MD), a nutritional researcher and author of “Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures” says that in his research he has discovered that the average lifespan of an MD is 58 years, and that these are the people we are listening to for our health advice. He also says there are cultures who still routinely live vibrantly and healthy into their hundreds. The reason we don’t make it is twofold, because of our lifestyle and our lack of nutrition.

Imagine living into old age free of the diseases of ageing, and perhaps even to the age of 130 without loosing your vitality, memory and preserving all your faculties. Add to this excellent mobility, a healthy libido and all the energy you need. Sounds good doesn’t it? This is exactly what anti-ageing experts are predicting will be available to all of us in the not too distant future.

Anti-ageing practices and principles are simply the natural miracles that offer us the opportunity to experience unlimited vitality for as long as we desire. If you thought living to 130 is far fetched, then you had better believe it. It’s a whole new world out there folks – so if you don’t chose to spend fifteen or twenty years in an aged-care home being cared for, you have to consider other ways to prepare yourself for the greatest medical revolution that we will ever witness.

What is it that we currently know about ageing? What is it that makes our bodies age? What are those events that result in the inexorable slide into decrepitude and dementia? Unfortunately there is not just one thing that causes ageing, there are multiple contributing factors to the ageing process, and we will be briefly touching on two of these overall factors in this ongoing report. What’s exciting is that as a long-term, world leader in  anti-ageing and life extension Neways as a company continues to stay ahead of the pack.

There is much more information available on the topic and a free booklet reporting the solutions should you choose to enquire. So if you find this subject interesting just contact us with your enquires at We would love to pass on what we know, but for starters it’s now well known that there are both internal and external causes to rapid ageing. Causes that can not only be prevented they can be reversed if you know the simple solutions, So let’s examine this topic in more depth over the next few weeks.

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  1. How does one get a person who recognizes the effects of ageing, and has tried some samples, to decide to take the plunge and find out more…to get past the resignation of the collective mindset that droopy jowels, etc are “part of ageing”? And also that they will just nurse their situation with cheap products?

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