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Protect Your Body From The Toxic World

You hurry along crowded walkways, inhaling noxious odours from the toxic breeze. You co-exist each day with people, traffic, and many foreign substances – chemicals unknown to your ancestors only a century ago. Some chemicals are safe, but many are harmful. We live in a toxic world. Artic creatures have plastics and petrochemicals in their blood.

Unborn babies all over the world have toxic chemicals in their cord blood. We used to believe this wasn’t possible because the placenta was supposed to protect the baby from harmful chemicals. The food we eat is contaminated, even if we buy organic food. The water we drink is full of prescription drugs we would never think of taking on a daily basis, included chemotherapy. The air is not clean, especially in the big cities. So, what can we possibly do to protect ourselves against this daily onslaught?

The human body is a magnificent compilation of intricate systems equipped to handle most ailments and many harmful environmental elements. In fact, medical research abounds with examples of people miraculously healed by simply relying on the body’s natural defences. However, with advances in technology, trillions spent in researching the creation of synthetic chemicals to replace natural ingredients and a swelling population growth, many new pollutants emerge almost daily that can take a toll on our health.

Although you may not realize it, various biological attacks occur daily at the cellular level within the human body as foreign chemicals, industrial pollutants, and free radicals damage cells and distrupt cellular processes.Your body’s frontline defence, the immune system, reacts to these intruders by either repairing or eliminating damaged cells. However, advancing age and hereditary factors can further weaken your natural defences and allow cellular damage to occur, adversely affecting your bio-systems and total health.

To make matters worse, during your lifetime you could encounter as many as 80,000 man-made chemicals. Only a small fraction of these have been analysed for human safety. With such a plethora of opportunities for exposure, chances are that many toxic chemicals have invaded your body’s tissues. Over time, your body can become a toxic waste site.

Pollutants can be found around the home and in the workplace in cosmetics, toothpaste, shampoos, personal care and hygiene products, air, water and food. D-Glucarate assists smokers, those exposed to secondhand smoke, and those exposed to industrial or other environmental substances to enhance their health by supporting the removal of these substances from the body before they can interact with cells. D-Glucarate supports cellular cleansing, aids in cell detoxification and helps neutralise free radicals.

You are made of cells, and healthy cells provide the foundation for a healhy you. The human body faces a variety of chemical intrusions every day: car exhaust, smoke form industrial plants and polluted drinking water. Beyond these obvious sources of chemical exposure, we face a whole array of invisible sources, too. These invisible sources include the glue from new carpeting, insect sprays, synthetic fertilizers, processed foods, food packaging, plastics, gasoline…and the list goes one almost endlessly. The body faces low-level radiation from computer monitors, televisions, microwave ovens and cell phones. There is cigarette smoke, poor exercise habits and nutritionally lacking dietary habits. All these factors can wreak havoc on the way the cells in the body work.

What is Potassium D-Glucarate?

It is a fantastic substance that detoxes the body. Potassium hydrogen d-glucarate is available as dietary supplement specially formulated to promote detoxification and cell purification. While Potassium hydrogen d-glucarate scavenges free radicals, it goes way beyond scavenging and is also effective in promoting detoxification. Potassium hydrogen d-glucarate is a natural compound found in the body that helps cells to detoxify by enhancing the cell’s ability to absorb oxygen and nutrients. It also has been shown to help enzymes activate nerve transmission,  maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and when you use an anti-convulsant medication for relief along with it, the pain caused in the nervous system drastically drops.

While D-Gluterate is best known for its ability to detoxify the body and boost the immune system through it’s ability to scavenge free radicals and naturally remove harmful chemicals and molecules from cells, it has even more benefits. Potassium hydrogen d-glucarate is a premier cell protectant that supports your cellular health. As an added bonus, this natural compound has some considerable benefits for your cardiovascular system – two major health benefits, as professed by this guide, from one dietary supplement, cellular cleansing and cardiovascular benefits gives your body a double advantage

Potassium hydrogen d-glucarate is a revolutionary natural substance that provides the purging cells of toxins acquired through daily exposure to harmful environmental elements and chemical toxins and protecting the body at a cellular level from environmental toxins and pollutants but it also supports already healthy cholesterol levels and helps maintain overall cardiovascular health.

By supporting the body at a cellular level from environmental factors that are encountered daily via pollution, toxins and chemicals, you can dramatically improve your over-all body health. With the added power gained by supporting the body with Potassium hydrogen d-glucarate, you also assist it’s natural functions and in its maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, aiding both heart and vascular function. This cleansing at the cellular level supports the body’s ability to defend itself against damaging influences and promotes health and longevity. For information on this ingredient, to find out what it is in, and where to source it depending on which country you live, contact your Savvy Team support or email us at

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