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The pH Balance and Mineral Connection

Due primarily to agricultural soil depletion and over-acidic food consumption, mineral deficiency is a large problem facing most people today. And mineral deficiency relates to the quantity of life energy or, more specifically, electricity, in our bodies.

Body mineral content balances and controls the quantity of electricity in our bodies. The speed at which the electricity flows is controlled by your body’s pH balance. There are complex biochemical processes taking place in the body constantly in an attempt to keep blood pH as near perfect as possible. These are known as the pH buffering systems. These buffering systems need a good balance of organic trace element minerals to work effectively.

Minerals play a very important role in cell communication and laboratory studies show a continued drop in absorbable minerals in the food we produce today. Did you know that worms provide the required underground conversions for absorbable minerals and modern farming techniques no longer allow for this natural process to occur.

The vast bulk of mineral absorption occurs in the small intestine … deficiencies of which are significant health problems throughout the world. There are several factors that may mean we aren’t getting the minerals we need that we cover shortly. Minerals are clearly required for health, but most are also quite toxic when present at higher than normal concentrations, in non-absorbable forms.

Thus, there is a physiologic challenge of supporting efficient absorption with the correct forms along with adequate digestive health. In many cases intestinal absorption is a key regulatory step in mineral homeostasis. 

If you are getting inadequate mineral intake from the food you eat, or from inadequate absorption (here’s an article by Rebecca Prescott on Problems With Mineral Absorption – Are You Getting Enough) you are going to start having problems with our pH balancing systems and degenerative disease can eventuate.

Getting The Correct Form

Without these naturally occurring organic trace minerals as a carrier, vitamins and other nutrients are not as effective. Cells cease to function; the immune system weakens; the nervous system deteriorates; and the body begins to age more rapidly. True organic colloidal minerals and the associated nutrients such as fulvic acid are absolutely critical to maintain health and to promote healing. Fulvic acid is the end product of nature’s decomposition process and is simply nature’s most precious form of protection and defense for plants, animals, and even mankind. Unquestionably, it is tied closely to immune system functions and has exceptionally-powerful antioxidant (anti-aging) qualities.

When we use the word “organic” we are not referring to the common commercial use of the word “organic” which means produced without the use of toxic chemicals, pesticides, etc. We are referring to the more important and true scientific connotation of the word “organic” which means containing “living carbon” not the dead, synthetic, toxic carbonate in many of today’s supplements. True 100% organic, carbon-based trace minerals and nutrients can ONLY be obtained from our recommended organic trace element drinks. After years of testing, wee have determined that most trace mineral products do not contain sufficient quantities of true organics to sustain our bodies.

The drop in absorbable minerals will be seen in numerous symptoms such as restless leg and muscle cramps due to low magnesium absorption or anemia or low blood ferritin levels due to low iron absorption, just to name two. This lack of absorption is because minerals and vitamins are mostly inorganic, unless they follow the natural earth processes. These non-absorbable synthetic minerals and elements are generally too large to penetrate cell walls effectively. Therefore, inorganic elements and minerals are of little or no benefit. Moreover, many doctors believe inorganic elements and minerals (i.e. many supplemental minerals and coral liquids) may accumulate in our extra-cellular tissue causing toxicity.

Life is all about balance. This universal truth is especially profound when speaking of body pH levels. Body pH is the human body’s need to stay at a certain pH level. According to many health researchers, total healing of chronic illness takes place only when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. The magnitude of meaning behind this research is of incredible importance to someone who is fighting a disease, overcoming an illness, or just desiring to feel better. And if your pH is unbalanced, what is the result?

Your Body pH affects every aspect of health.

Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range right around 7.3. Below or above this range means symptoms and disease. When your pH balance goes off:

  • microbial forms in the blood can change shape, mutate, mirror pathogenicity, and grow.
  • ENZYMES that are constructive can become destructive.
  • OXYGEN delivery to cells suffers.

So, by now you should start having a good idea. Pick your disease, choose your unbalance. Cancer, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, allergies, obesity, just name it. If you don’t feel good, one of the basic things that stands between you and perfect health is your body’s pH. Your basic metabolic body balance.

While We’re on the Subject of Minerals….

Did you know that…..

Minerals are as important as, if not more important than, vitamins?

Minerals are co-enzymes which help vitamins function. In the absence of minerals, vitamins can’t do their job. Many minerals are referred to as trace minerals, which might make it seem as though they are of little importance, but nothing could be further from the truth. Minerals and their deficiencies have been implicated in a wide range of off-balance health conditions.

Here are some examples:

Supplementing a diet with sufficient chromium and vanadium can help prevent diabetes and has been seen to reverse diabetes in those already diabetic, and vanadium is reportedly able to replace insulin in some cases.

Copper  deficiency is implicated in aneurysms (brain, aortic, etc.)

Magnesium is quite possibly the most important mineral for the reduction of coronary heart disease. (The latest “cutting edge” research shows that heart disease is really a function of heart muscle acidosis.)
Magnesium helps conduct electrical messages between all the neurons of the body.

Potassium and magnesium (along with organic sodium) are some of the most important minerals for rebalancing the electrical properties of the cell, for eliminating excess acidity, and for helping to balance calcium.
People get irrational when potassium levels are low.

Boron helps keep calcium in the bones, helps women preserve and make estrogen, and helps men keep testosterone. Boron affects alertness. Boron can help eliminate arthritis.

Zinc is involved in over 200 brain enzyme interactions. Zinc is important for so many enzyme systems ranging from liver function to DNA synthesis, serotonin production, sex hormone production, insulin production, stabilization of the histamine response, immune cell production and those that prevent free radical overload in your body. Just to name a few! These days zinc deficiency is almost endemic in our society. Its depletion is associated with diabetes, eating disorders, food sensitivities & allergies, recurrent infections, delayed wound healing, arthritis, hair loss, skin disorders like eczema, infertility, depression insomnia, learning and behavioural disorders.

It’s said that drinking zinc (as in a zinc tally test for instance) mixed with distilled water can stop anorexia nervosa in a day (mind you, we do NOT recommend drinking distilled water on a regular basis, as it can deplete the body of important trace elements). Zinc deficiency symptoms include loss of taste and smell. Zinc deficiency in children results in moodiness, depression, irritability, photo phobia (light sensitivity), antagonism, temper tantrums & learning problems.

Iron: Children who do poorly on achievement tests tend to have low iron levels. These children also display disruptive, impulsive and irritable behavior in the classroom.

Lead: Children who have high lead levels do more poorly overall.

Most of these children’s mineral imbalances go undiagnosed and instead are medicated with drugs.

Likewise, ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder can often be eliminated simply by balancing nutritional trace minerals. Many concerned parents are insisting that there is no need to drug our children.

Did you know that cigarette smoke is rich in cadmium (the blue color in the smoke)? Cadmium is the most neurotoxic substance known to human beings.

A low zinc/high cadmium ratio is implicated in learning disabilities. Zinc is needed to balance cadmium. Too much copper is an irritant to the brain.

Listen to this:

A story is told by Dr. Alex Schauss, a noted author, researcher, and nutritional mineral expert. It is about his experience with a 9 year old boy brought into his clinic some years ago. The boy had been charged with attempted murder. His criminal record began at age 6. He burned animals, shot at people’s houses and beat up mothers pushing baby strollers. The police all said he would be a lifetime criminal, a Charles Manson type of psychotic. He was on six psychiatric drugs, and was kicked out of school after he tried to kill a 10 year old girl.

Dr. Schauss did a hair mineral analysis and discovered his copper levels were off the charts. He added supplemental zinc to the boy’s diet to chelate out the excess copper, and within two weeks the boys urinalysis showed all the excess copper had been eliminated. He went off all medication, returned to school and became a model student.

Years later the boy returned to see Dr. Schauss. He was a junior in college, an A student, on the varsity basketball team, and had a heart of gold. 

High manganese levels show statistically high correlation with violent behavior., while lithium balances and helps control manganese.

The cities of the world with the highest lithium ( an essential trace element) concentration in their water show the lowest homicide rates. 

The trace element rubidium cures manic depression.

The right ratio of copper to zinc in the cell acts as an antioxidant.

Mineral Imbalances Impact Your Health

This information shows just a teeny fraction of how minerals and mineral imbalances can affect your health. Much of this information is buried in professional journals, there for the taking. It appears that due to politics and the influence and strength that the medical/drug industrial complex has over the suppression of information, these things stay buried.

If this type of information, along with the other things we know, could be assimilated into our society, whether through the efforts of individuals or that of our government, and if people like doctors, psychiatrists, and dietitians were to act on it, we could lessen violence in our society, close jails, raise academic achievement, and greatly reduce outlays of public money for Medicare and Medicaid.

Some researchers say we could then all see our health insurance premiums drop to about $50 dollars a month for a family of four because we could eliminate our need for expensive hospital visits and treatments excepting emergency care for accidents.

Without a doubt, the single most important thing you can do for your health is to supplement your diet with broad spectrum trace minerals. They are that important. Research has shown that microorganisms can evolve into different looking forms when exposed to and combined with elements like heavy metals. And so it is in the blood.

For example, some researchers contend that patients with high levels of mercury in their mouths will often exhibit specific pleomorphic microbe looking elements in their blood. 

Is it possible that something like high levels of copper, as referenced in the story above, are more than just an irritant to the brain?

Might they set up the internal environment in the body whereby the colloids of life form into specific “bugs” that with some level of microbial consciousness are actually behind aggressive, violent or psychotic behavior? Something to think about perhaps, and in so saying, your blood may be much more than what you think it is.

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  1. In this article it mentions drinking zinc mixed with distilled water. I have only seen zinc in tablet form. Is zinc available in other forms?

    1. Neisha, I have added a link in the post that may help you with your question. The tableted form we use and recommend in the Savvy team is fully bio-available and is synergistically combined with other nutrients essential for best effect.

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