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The Natural Way to Better Health for Life

Everyone seems to have a special health remedy these days: Pilates specialists, raw-food specialists, sleep-disorder specialists, air-purification specialists, and of course countless “diet” specialists.

But we learnt first-hand twenty years ago, that good health is not the result of trendy “discoveries” by pseudo-scientists or one luminary’s expertise in an isolated field. And that it isn’t necessarily an accident – although people may accidently develop healthful habits due to upbringing, culture or circumstance.

After more than twenty years examining the effects of a variety of lifestyle factors on the human body, and teaching many thousands of people how to regain good health, we’ve realized even more strongly than before that good health is based on synergy. As we’ve taught for decades, there are multiple components working together to make you feel great, and we incorporated these first in our 2000 joint book 25 Ways You Can Look And Feel Years Younger which has been available more recently in an ebook version.

In this article we bring these essential building blocks together in one powerful resource, so you can personally take responsibility for your own and your families health, once and for all. The book is currently being re-written to bring it up-to-the-minute, and will be republished shortly.

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Research Suggests Arthritis Sufferers Prefer The Natural Approach

Earlier this year, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare re-published a report: ‘Medication Use for Arthritis and Osteoporosis’ as published by the Complementary Healthcare Council of Australia on May 10, 2010.

This report not only detailed prescription medicine use, but also over-the-counter complementary use ingredients, with some very positive findings.

The report said: “Complementary Medicines are commonly used as primary interventions for arthritis and osteoporosis.” The term ‘complimentary medicines’ was used throughout the report for natural substances the body requires for good health and of course for good bone and joint health.

The study found that in fact natural alternatives (our preferred term for ‘complimentary medicines’), are used more and more for all sorts of joint pain and inflammation as the preferred choice of prevention, care and even repair.

The report brings together data on the use of medications for osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis from the 2004-05 National Health Survey (NHS) and the Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH) General Practitioner (GP) activity surveys from 1998-99 to 2007-08.
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God Want You To BE Rich

I’ve been reading a book I got at a recent Lifeline Bookfest … ‘God Wants You to Be Rich’, by Paul Zane Pilzer.

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Written in 1995, in it Pilzer explains how and why everyone can enjoy material and spiritual wealth in our abundant world. In case you don’t know, he was Economic Adviser to two US Presidents . . . so he knows what he is talking about regarding economics and money. And he is a millionaire himself, so worth taking a few notes I thought! I got so interested in what he was saying and how it related to our business opportunity, that I wanted to share it with you.

Pilzer (in 1995) said, the world is in such a rapid state of change that “… in the not to distant future, few of us will work for anyone at all. The day will come when the majority of the western world will effectively work for themselves – taking responsibility for their own training, their own savings, their family’s health care – in short taking responsibility for their own destiny.”

Considering the governments current overspending habits, their challenges with retirement plans, accelerating costs of childcare payments, welfare recipients, health (sickness) care etc – you can also surely see the writing on the wall. It’s time to really take on the responsibility for our lives that Pilzer wrote about 15 years ago! It can really positively affect your income, and your life if you use the principles he teaches. Read More

Open Loops Affect Personal Productivity

Welcome to a gold mine of insights into strategies for how to have more energy, be more relaxed, and get a lot more accomplished with much less effort. If you’re like us, you like to get things done and do them well, and yet you want to savor life in ways that seem increasingly elusive if not downright impossible if you’re working too hard. Teaching you how to be maximally efficient and yet remain relaxed and enjoying the journey is the main purpose of this post.

Every Loop Must Be Strong And Closed To Function And To Work Properly

A healthy, functioning, business system is like a beautiful gold bracelet – it’s made up of many simple systems – these systems are the gold links in the chain of your good. However each loop must be closed and strong for that chain to function fully.

If even one of those links are open or a loop is broken, the chain is just a strand of links – and it cannot function as a fully operational piece of jewelry unless the problem is rectified.

That’s what has happened when you feel yourself ’stopped’ in your work or business – you have an open loop you are not aware of. You must seek coaching from someone with more experience! You will never discover what it is that you don’t know, your productivity will continue to be stifled and your life will be stressed and unsatisfying.

Please understand that building a stress free, easy and fun business requires simple, systems that you then teach and duplicate with your business associates. If you overlook even one step of the necessary process in business management, planning, organisation or processing then eventually it will bring you to your knees. If you have overlooked any part of your ‘office management’ system – you will be stressed, confused, disorganised and you can only duplicate that feeling stress and confusion in your staff. Read More