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Give New Born Babies A Healthy Chance At Life

In general, the overall health and state of our bodies are not as optimal as they could be. Our diet and lifestyle has had a huge impact on all body systems so it is no surprise that our ‘fertility’ is affected. For this reason, many couples recognise that their bodies are in need of some maintenance and preparation before trying to conceive a baby.

Preconception care can be tailored to the individual’s or couple’s wants and needs, so it is a very important part of what we offer, as we want to make sure you are ready both physically and emotionally to conceive your baby. If you have the benefit of planning for a baby, preconception care is highly recommended to ensure that you are both ready to produce a beautiful healthy baby.

Fertility is a big concern for many people wanting to start a family and the good news is that you don’t have to rely on standard medicine treatments if you should have trouble falling pregnant.  There are plenty of natural options available that are less invasive, more relaxing, and that work.

Preconception Care Is Important!

If you want to conceive a baby or simply manage your reproductive health naturally, without chemicals or intrusive devices, there are proven methods that put you in control of your fertility and achieve optimum results. Read More

Can Anyone Be An Entrepreneur?

You must learn the principles for success. No one else can teach you them, they can only coach and mentor you.

The other day, while putting together one of our training modules on ‘Building A Better You’ (about why your income will only grow a fast as you do) I was looking for inspiration on self-development. I know that no one else can teach you what you need to be, do or have to achieve success. You must find it out for yourself. Only you can make yourself successful!

You can certainly use a mentor or coach to give you a different perspective, to give you ideas, to fast track your progress … but still … it’s up to you to implement them. I have always been passionate about developing my own skills in all areas of life, plus I have a strong desire to help others do the same.

As I have helped others be, do and have more than they ever thought possible, I have observed that developing yourself automatically brings out the entrepreneur in you. From my own experience I know that personal development is a key component to success and I love working with entrepreneurs, so I began re-reading Robert Kiyosaki’s “Before You Quit Your Job – 10 Real Life Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business” for some training tips. Read More

Learn How To Have A More Positive Day

We can all be happy and positive when things go our way, but have you ever looked at how positive you are when life deals you a doosie? When you wake up on the ‘wrong side of bed’? When everything around you seems to be going pear-shaped?

Have you ever caught yourself with a negative attitude that lingers for most of the day?

Have you always wondered how some people always seem to be happy?

Do you want to uncover ways that you can be more happy even during the most difficult of days?

Below are five steps you can take everyday to make your attitude and spirits more positive.  Give them a try.  You never know, they just might make you one of those “happy” people! Read More

How To Enjoy Your Harvest

Apply The Law of Sowing & Reaping

In Sydney at Neways Leadership Forum in 2011, multi-millionaire Jerry Clark, a major player in network marketing said there are really only three keys to SUCCESS in any business, that are especially relevant to the network marketing industry:

1) You have to have a desire, a burning passion for something different (It’s what we call a ‘divine dissatisfaction‘), 2) You’ve got to be willing to take action … and … 3) You have to show up for coaching – again, and again, and again, and again.

Our question is, “Do you want your life to be different?” If so, then we suggest you take action and ‘show up’ for coaching. Ideas are just like seeds: only if the soil is ready when the seed is planted, will it germinate. If you do have a divine dissatisfaction, if there is something about your life that you would like to be different, then …

Read More