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No More Osteoarthritis, Hormonal Mood Swings, Depression or Sensitive Teeth: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Deb shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made for her family’s wellbeing!

“I feel very grateful to have come across the Savvy Team when I did, and that they were willing to educate me as to the issues, as well as point me in the direction of simple solutions. I cannot imagine an easier or more effective way to safeguard my family’s health.”

I came across the Savvy Team twelve years ago and have been following their product recommendations ever since. I now can’t imagine ever choosing to use anything else. Hairdressers comment on how thick and healthy my hair is, dentists note the strength of my teeth, and I feel no need for foundation or other ‘cover-up’ make-up as my skin looks great as it is. And my general health is excellent.

Small Changes, Amazing Results . . .

I have been aware for many years of the potential harmful effects of chemicals in skin care and other products and I previously bought ‘natural’ products where I could. When I started using these products I was blown away by how much nicer they were than what I had been using. I soon noticed that they were also more effective. For example, my teeth had been very sensitive having lost a lot of enamel from using toothpastes containing harsh abrasives. After using the toothpaste for a couple of months the sensitivity disappeared. I later discovered that the toothpaste the Savvy Team recommended contained ingredients that help rebuild enamel. My skin tone also improved considerably, and my hair thickened and strengthened so I no longer had split ends.

“Not only were the product solutions suggested clearly better than those I had been using, being able to buy everything I needed in one place made making safe choices so much quicker and easier. I no longer had to read labels and check for harmful ingredients.”

Things Can Improve for You, as They Did for Me!

People often remark on how lucky I am to have good health. However, I have not always been so ‘lucky’. I used to go down with the flu and other illnesses the same as everyone else. At the age of 39 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. My finger joints were swollen and ached in colder weather, and were gradually getting worse. My father and mother both suffered considerably from this horrible disease and I assumed that was what my own future held.

“However, after using the nutritional products my support person recommended for a few months my symptoms gradually disappeared and eleven years later I am still symptom-free.”

I took a wide range of nutritional products at first, including trace and macro-minerals, powerful antioxidants and vitamins. I also switched to the recommended joint health formula and took this consistently for 18 months. I still take the general nutritional products on a daily basis as I believe they help prevent and repair damage and help my body stay healthy.

My Savvy Team support person also recommended products to help me balance my hormonal system. I had suffered from hormonally-driven mood swings and depression for several years, and had finally resorted to anti-depressants to cope with this. After taking wild yam and chaste-berry in cream and tablet form for three months I successfully reduced and then came off the anti-depressant medication. I have continued to use the harmonising cream ever since as I believe it helps me to maintain hormonal balance. I think this plus the general nutritional products also explain why I experienced almost no menopause symptoms (three or four hot flushes, just to let me know what I was missing).

My Whole Family Has Benefited Too!

My whole family has benefited from the changes we’ve made. My daughters have grown up with safe personal care products and effective nutritional supplements which I believe will benefit them not just now but throughout their lives. My husband loves the products and believes they are playing an important role in keeping him healthy and more recently I have added a specific formulation into my daily regime to help me cope with the additional stress of a new job.

I feel very grateful to have come across the Savvy Team when I did. I cannot imagine an easier or more effective way to safeguard my family’s health.

~ Deb, Qld

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