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No More Knee Pain, ‘Skin Cancer Cuts’ or Low Energy: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Rhonda shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made for her and her personal wellbeing!

“I am very grateful to the Savvy Team for the health education, and for recommending clean, safe, effective products that enable us to put the information into practice.”

I have been on the Savvy wellness program, and using the recommended products, for almost 18 years. The Savvy detox program saved me from some major health problems back then, including the impending loss of a kidney. I was so lacking energy I was unable to follow the doctor’s advice to go walking daily, and it was a challenge just to get out of bed and face a working day.

Yet within six weeks I was striding out thinking how good it was to be alive!

The basic ’90 Nutrients’ from the Savvy Team (nutrients we all need daily) has been the basis for my continued good health over that time, which is almost two decades! Not a small thing when one looks at the general statistics of someone my age (older Baby Boomer).

Plus through the knowledge gained within the Savvy Team education programs, I have been able to take more specific products for challenges such as:

  • Arthritis including painful knees and “knobbly knuckles”
  • Cardiac issues from a lack of CoQ10
  • Major eye problems
  • Occasional digestive discomfort

Without the Savvy Team education and understanding of how to use the products, I would be on prescription drugs such as blood thinners, and ageing fast. I certainly wouldn’t be living the active and involved life I enjoy now, and in fact I may not have been here at all!

As it is now – I need NO medications, to the amazement of my doctor, who insists I have annual blood tests “in case”. She is also surprised that I don’t lack any minerals, eg iron, despite not eating meat. I make a breakfast shake with pea protein for usable protein as well as taking natural trace minerals daily.

When I look at others my age, I am so grateful for the skills I have learned, to be able to avoid so many common health issues, and to know what to do if something appears. It is frustrating to me that so many are not open to self-education, as they make their doctor responsible for dealing with their ongoing physical issues, rather than look for things they can do to stay healthy and avoid the issues!

And that’s not all . . .

There were other results from my changing over all personal and home care products (to safer versions as recommended by the Savvy Team): My skin improved over time, from “Qld heels” that were no longer dry, through to continual improvement in the texture and appearance of all my skin including my face. I believe the toxin-free shower gel stopped the dry skin, and the recommended skin moisturisers keep my face and body skin soft and moist, unlike the arms and legs of most people my age.

A wonderful benefit is that I was able to stop attending the skin specialist who had been cutting pieces off my body for years for suspected cancers. In fact the doctor at the skin cancer clinic where I now undergo annual full-body scans is amazed that in the many years I have been going there, he has never had to remove any spots.

After a lifetime of poor teeth and continual issues, my teeth made a dramatic improvement with the switch to the sls-free toothpaste that foams lavishly with such a small amount a tube lasts me about a year. Plus, at an age when receding gums are the norm my gums have actually improved. Dental hygienist in Parramatta provided a range of dental treatment options for me, which proved very efficient.

My hair had always been dry and required daily discipline with rollers or a blow-wave brush, in spite of the expensive products I bought from the hair salon. When I changed to the safer, ‘green chemistry’ shampoos and conditioners, I was surprised to find that, for a fraction of the cost, my hair became ‘tamed and obedient’, and no longer needs any artificial maintenance.

I use no other products but the ranges recommended by the Savvy Team! I love that I rarely have to clean my shower because the products do not strip the oils from my skin so, unlike other brands of cleansers it does not leave residues on the shower walls that are so hard to clean off.

I am so grateful that my grandchildren have been brought up using safe, ‘green-chemistry’ products. The children’s nutrition is a big factor in their learning ability and behaviour.  Their parents (and I) notice they get cranky and argumentative when they don’t take their trace-mineral drink and vitamins, and one child with some learning difficulties does much better on a herbal formula which supports memory.

I have been privileged to help many others improve their health and their family’s health! Over the years I have shared the information I have learned with people wherever I am, so now have referred people to what the Savvy Team does from North Qld to Melbourne and Adelaide as well as New Zealand.

Now as a part of the Savvy Team and thanks to the generous referral partner income available – I have been able to generate an extra stream of income! This is the result of my willingness to offer people the same education and access to the same product ranges and brands that have made such a difference for my family and me. And I love sharing it!

Financially, the monthly income has funded my daily and monthly health care product needs and more. I was able to get a loan for a replacement new car only because that regular monthly payment had come into my account for 17 years without fail. What an extra blessing, and just for taking care of my own health and helping others do the same.

I am very grateful to the Savvy Team for the health education, and for recommending clean, safe, effective products that enable us to put the information into practice.

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2 thoughts to “No More Knee Pain, ‘Skin Cancer Cuts’ or Low Energy: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!”

  1. PS to above story on skin – one reason “the skin cancer clinic has never had to take off any spots”:
    One annual examination did show up a nasty spot that was supposed to come off, but as I was living in Melbourne at the time I made an appointment to have it removed in six weeks time. Meantime, every morning and every night I rubbed Modere Soothing Cream into the spot. When I returned after six weeks the spot showed on the screen as no longer cancerous. I continued to use the cream, the clinic asked me to come back for regular checks of it, and the spot cleared up completely.

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