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No More IBS, Insomnia, Heart Palpitations or Back Pain: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Gwen shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made for her and her personal wellbeing!

“I am so grateful for the Savvy Team’s wellness programs, education and support! Honestly, I believe that looking at my health background  – I don’t think I would be alive today, if it was not for what I learned and support that was available and the recommendations offered through the Savvy Team.”

Looking back at the state of my health and wellbeing over the years, although I would have told you if you were speaking with me that “I’m healthy” . . .

But I had health problems begin to show up, even in my teenage years.

As a teenager and from my first menstrual cycle, I experienced a period that would last 7 days with heavy bleeding for 6 of those days! I also had to deal with urinary tract infections every few months. Doctors said it was all normal . . . but now I realise that these were ‘signs’ showing me that something was not right with the state on my health.

Progressing through the years, I had a number of health challenges and doctors would tell me that it is “part of getting older”. I’ve since learned that it is not – it is your body telling you that something is not right, and you can take action when you have the right information and guidance.

Over the years I started getting tired, I had major gut issues to the point that the pains would get so bad in my stomach that I would literally drop on the floor because I could not stand any longer. Plus I was going to the toilet anywhere from 5 – 7 times per day.

I was diagnosed with fibroids in my 30’s, I had 3 melanomas cut out, dermatitis around my nose, scaly scalp, bleeding gums (which I thought was normal from brushing too hard).  I had a bad back from the time I was 17, I used to visit the chiropractor every month from about 17 to about early 20’s.

I used to go to a dermatologist every year to have countless sun spots burnt off and I put this down to when I was a teenager, I would go to the beach and just lay in the sun and sun tan (really sun burn).

I was born with my second last vertebra missing and then somewhere in my late 30’s to early 40’s 2 discs fused together naturally.  I remember my mum had a bad back too and somedays I would come home from school and she would be hanging off the door frame, sounds weird, but she was stretching her back, so I figured because she had a bad back, I had a bad back, all due to ‘genetics’ so they say.

I found that if I drove for 3 or more hours, which I would do quite regularly with my jobs over the years, then it would take 24 hours for me to be able to straighten up without pain.  By this time I was going to an osteopath once a month for maintenance but if I had an issue, it would be 2 – 3 visits for 4 weeks and then once per week for another 2 weeks and then back to maintenance.  So I had to have a good health insurance plan and the costs sure can add up!

From about my late 20’s to my early 30’s, I started suffering from heart palpitations about twice a year, so of course – I went to the doctor to get it checked out.  He said it was stress and I was hyperventilating and that whenever it happened, I needed to breath into a paper bag or a cupped hand, which I would do and it would go away. I didn’t think much about it over the years until finally in my late 40’s when I had a severe and lengthy attack, doctors actually looked at the issue properly and discovered it was a ‘sticky heart valve’.

That Diagnosis You Never Want to Hear

At 39 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer and told that if I didn’t do something about it I would die in 3 months.  Well that was not an option as I was a single Mum with 2 teenage children.

“How could I get cancer?”, I thought. Yes I was a smoker, but I had always had a good diet, fresh fruit, vegetable, meats, exercised every week would go to the gym twice a week or work out at home.  I did not have too much processed food, was not a big sweets eater, lived in clean areas, so why did I have this diagnosis!

Much to my doctor’s distress I said to them that since I have 3 months – I want to work with it my way and if it does not work well then at the end of 3 months I will have the treatment they suggested.  I said I would check in with them every few weeks. Also 1 week later I was diagnosed with candida albacans, which is too much yeast in your blood.

I started reading everything I could get my hands on about nutrition, chemicals, personal care etc. I stopped smoking, I went on a very strict diet to eliminate the candida, because in my research I found that some doctors and scientists were saying that candida and cancer were linked. I found that there are many things that you can do to improve your health and the likelihood of beating cancer. I wondered why my Doctor never told be this.

My First Steps to Get Healthier

I started buying supplements through health food shops, juicing, changing over my personal care to what I thought was ‘healthier’.  I noticed they still had some nasty chemicals, but they were better than what I was using.  I found the nutrition also had some questionable additives, which could explain why they sometimes made me sick.

I did find helpful nutrition and personal care products (which I did not buy from the normal shops) and I turned my cancer to benign and got rid of all the symptoms.  My doctors and naturopath were all surprised and said that I taught them something.

It’s amazing what you can do and the steps you are willing to take when you have a motivating reason to take personal action and have personal responsibility! My kids were that reason for me to look at options and take control of my health – when the options given to me by my doctor were limited.

From that point, I still stayed on a pretty strict diet plus juicing etc.  But 7 – 8 years later, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer again but only stage 3, not quite as bad.  I had also had a partial hysterectomy by this stage, I kept my ovaries which might I say I had to fight for them.  My gynaecologist wanted to take out my ovaries as well and put me on Hormone Replacement Therapy.  I had read too much of the dangers of HRT, to even think about that – especially with a history of cancer.

Discovering the Savvy Team

By the time I was diagnosed with cancer the second time, the great thing is that I had met Linda and Corey from the Savvy Team. That was now 15 years ago.  I met Linda & Corey (founders of the Savvy Team) in a Personal Development program we were all doing and I am so grateful that Linda shared with me about the Savvy Team’s wellness programs, education and support! Honestly, I believe that looking at my health background  – I don’t think I would be alive today, if it was not for what I learned and support that was available and the recommendations offered through the Savvy Team.

I immediately started taking what Linda suggested which is what we refer to as ‘The 90 Nutrients’ – plus I added in immune boosting herbal supplements and hormone balancing products.  Plus I started changing over my household products slowly each month starting with the bathroom – to safer alternatives as a result of the suggestions from the Savvy Team education. I knew from my own research years prior – that you have to reduce all chemical load on the body.

As always I worked with my doctor and kept a check on everything and needless to say my cervical cancer went away and my doctor said to me, “I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is keep doing it, because it is working and your hormones are perfect, which for your age is NOT normal.”

So thank you Savvy Team! I’m now grateful to be part of the Savvy Team and ‘I’m on a mission’ to share what I’ve learned with others, so they can improve their wellbeing and be alive for their grandchildren!

The End of My Sleep Troubles and Sciatica

Over the years, I was in some very stressful jobs and my sleep started suffering to the point that I would sleep for 2 hours and wake for an hour and this disturbed sleeping pattern went on for many years. At the time, I had known that soundproofing properties was nothing out of the ordinary, and hadn’t planned on actualising the same until I started having disturbed sleep. I didn’t put my sleep disturbance as a priority to solve – for me ‘it was just one of those things’.  Then I tried the ‘Sleep Sounder Action Plan’ and within 3 weeks I was sleeping through the night!

Something else I had was sciatica. Thanks to regularly tapping in with the Savvy Team’s live or recorded courses – I found out what extra supplements to add in to my normal regime . . . and I got rid of the sciatica for good!

I was told over the years by my doctors, that these health issues I was having come about by just ‘getting older’ . . . just part of what you have to expect as you progress in years!  Well the good news is, YOU DON’T – it is not part of getting older, it is just your body needing the right things to repair and regenerate properly. I hope that my story demonstrates that for you.

Part of my purpose now is to educate people about what we have and how they can improve their health and their lifestyles – so they can be around for their children, their grandchildren and their grandchildren’s children! I don’t want people to go down the health track that I was going down!

So a Quick Recap

I no longer have:  sciatica, heart palpitations, dermatitis, scaly scalp, dry skin on my legs and body, bleeding gums, back pain, sleep issues, sun spots, IBS, age spots on my face and arms.  My hair never gets split ends or is dry, no more candida, and something I forgot – I only ever had 1 hot flush going through menopause because I gave my body what it needed.

I know not everyone has the number of issues that I had, but I got rid of them! So if you have suffered like I did – I hope my story gives you hope! If your health was not as bad as mine, then what’s stopping you from taking action and using my success as inspiration?

It’s thanks to the Savvy Team with their education and support that I am doing what I do today.

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