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No More Endometriosis, Period Pain & Now 17 Kg Lighter: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Angela shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made in overcoming issues such as learning disabilities, immune dysfunction & IBS.

“Dealing with my own health problems and that of my daughters, I just thought I had to ‘suck it up’ and get on with life!

However overcoming major health problems really can be as easy as the ‘Savvy 1-2-3’. Stick with it and you’ll see the benefits!”

For Angela and her family, it was just the way ‘normal life’ was . . .

  • Painful Periods and Endometriosis ~ with drugs and a hysterectomy being the only suggestions offered!
  • Angela’s daughter with a learning disability ~ and not expected to be able to read or write!
  • Another daughter with an immune dysfunction so that she was constantly sick ~ and no treatment available apart from constant antibiotics!

 . . . and there was no improvement on the horizon.

Angela thought she just had to ‘suck it up, and get on with life’!

But that ALL CHANGED! Now the health of Angela and her family has been transformed.

Here’s a glimpse of Angela’s story . . .

“At the time I came across the Savvy Team’s wellness education – I was ‘tearing my hair out’ due to the issues 2 of my 3 daughters were experiencing.

One daughter had a very low white blood cell count and medically nothing could be done. She was constantly sick with ear infections, colds, coughs, vomiting and every bug going around she got and would end up on antibiotics.

Another daughter had a learning disability with spacial difficulty, audio processing issues and social challenges. Her school life ahead looked very challenging – in fact she was not expected to read or write!

On top of that I suffered from problems such as gut issues and painful endometriosis!

Then I was introduced to the Savvy Team and their wholistic wellness solutions . . . and the rest is history (and so are all our health issues!)

My endometriosis and period pain is gone, my daughter with the immune dysfunction has not been sick now for 4 years and my daughter who was not expected to be able to read, write or socially interact – is now a good solid average student also engaged in extra-curricular activities!

Overcoming health problems really can be as easy as the ‘Savvy 1-2-3’.  Stick with it and you’ll see the benefits!”

~ Angela Houldcroft

Discover more of Angela’s success in this video interview:

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