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No More Asthma, Afternoon Energy Lows or Dry Lips: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!


Saturday Success Story: Anna shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made in eliminating Asthma & Bronchitis PLUS solving ‘little issues’ such as constantly dry lips & afternoon exhaustion!

“It’s not a nice feeling not being able to breathe.”

For Anna, it was just the way ‘normal life’ was . . .

  • Waking up in the middle of the night ~ and not be able to breathe from symptoms of Asthma!
  • Experiencing great energy in the morning ~ but ‘forget about it’ in the afternoon!
  • Acute Bronchitis every Winter ~ and needing antibiotics every time to get on top of it.

 . . . and her symptoms were getting worse despite treatment.

Anna thought she was ‘healthy’ ~ however she lived a life limited by breathing difficulties . . . and things were not improving.

The medications needed ‘just to get by’ increased, so did the financial AND health costs of taking that medication.

But that ALL CHANGED! Now Anna’s breathing, and all-round wellbeing has been transformed.

Here’s a glimpse of Anna’s story . . .

“I was 27 and working as a professional photographer when I came across the Savvy Team. I thought I was ‘healthy’ . . . but I had suffered from Asthma all my life and I was exhausted in the afternoons.

I thought I was doing the ‘healthy actions’ . . .  you know – like eating well, exercising, reading labels and avoiding chemicals as much as I could. The reality was that I’m a photographer, not a toxicologist – so what did I think I was going to understand by reading personal care labels anyway?

Then I was introduced to the Savvy Team and their wholistic wellness solutions!

The rest is history – within 6 months, I had no more Asthma, Bronchitis, dry lips, or afternoon energy lows!

If you want your health to improve – it’s easy . . . just do the 1-2-3 that the Savvy Team suggests – it worked for me and it could work for you too!”

Anna Mauloni

Discover more of Anna’s success in this video interview:

#SaturdaySuccessStory #BeSavvy

Further information:

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If you have questions, feel free to Message Us via Facebook Messenger.

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2 thoughts to “No More Asthma, Afternoon Energy Lows or Dry Lips: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!”

  1. What a great outcome for Anna to have no more Asthma and I know the doctors told her she would have it all her life. Fantastic Anna.

  2. Thanks for the update Gwen. People often give up when a doctor says, “you’ll have it all your life”.

    It’s wonderful that Anna was so open to accept your suggestions and take action! There are so many Asthma sufferers out there . . . and I hope they can see the possibility of relief for themselves if they take the same actions as Anna.

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