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Neuroscientist Speaks Out: Cholesterol and Fat Myths & Misinformation

The “Heart-Healthy” Low-Fat Advice Was Killing Him!

After being diagnosed as being overweight with high cholesterol, high triglycerides and being labeled as a ‘high risk’ for heart disease, David Diamond PhD, decided to follow the standard diet advice that gets the ‘tick of approval’ and was recommended by his doctor. Namely – the ‘Heart Healthy’ Low Fat, low animal product approach – he cut the fat and started exercising.

And that’s when things got even worse . . .

The mainstream advice given to him by his doctors wasn’t working. If anything, it was killing him.

Dr. Diamond’s high cholesterol went higher and his triglycerides skyrocketed. His doctor recommended that he start taking drugs to lower his cholesterol, but David didn’t listen. Rather than head to the pharmacy for drugs to lower cholesterol as suggested by his doctor – he instead headed for the library.

Why? Well as a Ph.D. professor – he wanted to learn all he could about cholesterol, obesity and heart health.

What he found was that the areas of heart disease and nutrition are filled with incompetence and massive conflicts of interest.

David discovered that many of the “truths” that are perpetuated by mainstream media and even health professionals are often completely false. Prime examples of that are the associations between saturated fat intake, cholesterol, and heart disease.

He also uncovers the history of obesity and how doctors knew that reducing carbs could cure obesity a 150 years ago, but how this knowledge got lost along the way.

In the following video, neuroscientist David Diamond, Ph.D. explains how he had personally started to suffer from the effects of eating the standard western diet.

“The overall theme of what I’m going to talk about is that we’ve been misled. We have been given mis-information from food and drug company supported research. We’ve also been misled by government-sponsored advice about the foods that we should eat and the drugs that we should take.”

Check out the video and discover as Dr. Diamond did that the low-fat guidelines promoted by the government are a perfect recipe for obesity, diabetes, heart disease and general poor health.

Dr. Diamond’s findings have been the same as ours  . . . and that’s what the ‘Eat Savvy’ Diet is about.

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One thought to “Neuroscientist Speaks Out: Cholesterol and Fat Myths & Misinformation”

  1. I am so thankful that the internet can break down myths and tell the truth. When it takes a PhD like this guy to break through, it’s a terrible indictment of the media and how they are so willing to publish the press releases of Big Pharma.

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