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More Energy, Clearer Thinking, Reduced Cravings & 12 kg Lighter: How ‘Being Savvy’ Changed My Life!

Saturday Success Story: Julie shares the impact that ‘Being Savvy’ made for her entire family’s wellbeing!

“After two months following the Savvy Team ‘Rapid Fat Loss Program’, I had more energy, clearer thinking and I had released 12 kilograms! I felt great and my sugar cravings had reduced.”

I thought I was doing the right things by my family . . .

At the time when I met Gwen from the Savvy Team, I had a 3-year-old girl and a 6-month boy and thought I was pretty knowledgeable about being healthy.

I was eating the ‘right foods’ (I was breastfeeding at the time and I was making all of the baby food!) and I was reluctant to use chemicals around the house, and on top of that I avoided putting anything ‘unhealthy’ on my body (or so I thought). To try to be as natural and healthy as possible – I had even started a business selling natural wooden toys!

Imagine my surprise when I was told to be careful of potentially harmful ingredients in everyday products in my bathroom and home.

Surely not, I thought? This is stuff that is going on our skin – there has to be government regulations on those sort of things.

My ‘Wakeup Call’ . . .

Following the advice from Gwen I checked the labels of the shampoo and conditioner my husband, Simon had been using. It was a specific one for dandruff which was recommended to him and I used it also to save on buying many different brands of shampoos and conditioners. I was a little disturbed when I found a notice on the back of the bottle saying – “Please do not use when you are pregnant or breastfeeding”.

What!!! How can that be? Surely, notices like these need to be made clearer!

From then on I started to use the products that had been recommended to me by Gwen. However, it did take a little while to change all of my habits. My thinking at the time was . . . ‘surely, a small amount of chemicals on the skin can’t hurt?’

In particular, I continued to use those anti-bacterial hand washes. I felt I needed to ‘tackle the germs’ so our children don’t get sick. For about a year I used some of the products recommended to me – but it was when I attended a health information session by the Savvy Team, that I began to really change my thinking about what I can do to improve the health of my family and really consider the impacts of the products I had been using. That’s when I began to change all products I used in the home to safer alternatives as recommended by the Savvy Team.

Up until that point in time, nutritional supplements were something I felt we didn’t need as a family, as long as we were eating right. However, after the wealth of information I received from the Savvy Wholistic Wellness Sessions that I started to see things more clearly.

As a family we decided to take a more focused action on improving our health. Simon had rosacea on his face and quite a few skin issues. He was using products recommended by the dermatologist, however while he was able to manage it – the issue was not resolved. He decided that he would change products to see if there was much improvement. He also started on a basic nutritional regime including trace minerals, vitamins and antioxidants to see if it would help for sleep issues, chronic reflux and chest infections he got regularly.

Our ‘Unexpected’ Health Improvements

For me, I didn’t have any skin or health issues as such. However, I had gained a little weight after the birth of my children. I also had a foggy thinking which I had put down to being a mum of young children. So, I thought I would give one of the weight-loss programs a go. After two months following the Savvy Team ‘Rapid Fat Loss Program’, I had more energy, clearer thinking and I had released 12 kilograms! I felt great and my sugar cravings had reduced. The program was great because it helped my body to release fat and it was about setting up a changed lifestyle to eat better. It was about moderation and looking after myself in a mindful way. I have since been able to help others to do the same.

Meanwhile, Simon had also released 10 kilograms by eating better (along the lines of the ‘Eat Savvy Diet’) and continuing the basic nutritional program. On top of that, his immune system improved substantially, so that he no longer has to go straight onto antibiotics if he got sick, and he recovers more quickly. His asthma has improved so he no longer needs the Ventolin. His signs of rosacea have disappeared and he now no longer gets heart burn or reflux.  Also, he is able to go to sleep much quicker and can work well even on less sleep.

The best part about being part of the Savvy Team is the health and wellness knowledge we can give to our children. Our children are now 8 and 5 years old and I’m proud of how seriously they take their health. It’s a step by step process and whilst we didn’t have a huge amount of health issues to begin with as a family – we have gotten rid of the ones that we had been just accepting as a ‘normal part of life’.

We are now a much healthier family, thanks to the Savvy Team!


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