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My Story: Overcoming Infertility, Chronic Fatigue, & Depression.

My Story: Overcoming Infertility, Chronic Fatigue, Depression. How the Savvy Team Helped Me Transform My Health!

One of the best things we discovered about the Savvy Team, was the extensive support received. I particularly loved the information I got as a result of the ongoing support, constant connection and feedback, I was able to adjust our program and actually take responsibility for my families health and wellbeing.

After enduring a range of hormonal imbalances as a teenager, and then being put on the Contraceptive Pill to supposedly ‘fix’ these, as the years went by my health deteriorated. I suffered from mild depression and finally debilitating chronic fatigue after a bout of glandular fever. Eventually, I discovered I was infertile and underwent three years of IVF with severe side-effects.

I don’t want to dwell on past history and old problems, but I guess the point to make from this – I THOUGHT I WAS NORMAL and so did the doctors I saw throughout my life to the age of 30.

I thought all of these problems were a normal part of being a woman and because I got no relief from talking to GPs about any of these issues (in fact, it took seeing a range of GPs and 3 months before the Glandular Fever was even diagnosed) I thought the only problem I had was in my head – and from various Doctor’s comments I think many of them thought so too.

I thought that all my sicknesses were ‘normal’ . . .

It was thanks to the best GP I had ever come across in Sydney who diagnosed the Glandular Fever the week before our wedding and who worked closely with a natural therapies clinic that saw me through the 6 months of debilitating Chronic Fatigue during which I was completely unable to work. He set me on a new path of awareness of complementary therapies and restored my faith in the medical profession. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude and when I hear the varied stories of my good friends in the Savvy Team, I can only imagine what the last 10 years would have been like if I had not been under his care.

Issues I struggled with until connecting with the Savvy Team

  • Menstruation began at an early age
  • Hormonal imbalances made worse by the Pill (late teenage)
  • Painful PMT
  • In late 20’s mild depression and increasing fatigue, constant illness and poor health
  • Glandular Fever at 30 and post-viral chronic fatigue – unable to work
  • Massive fibroid, surgery
  • 3 years of infertility treatment with side-effects
  • Miscarriage
  • Continual ill health was “very isolating” and stressful

On the recommendation of the doctors I was under with the chronic fatigue, Gary and I put off all our plans for a family until I was 33. We relocated to Toowoomba because we thought a less stressful life in the country might be best for both of us and that our trouble conceiving was just a combination of the stress of living in Sydney and possibly a hangover from serious illness and convalescence.

We eventually sought help and found out I had a massive fibroid which meant surgery and another long break from work. Then we ended up enrolled at Queensland Fertility Group and thus began the long and heartbreaking trek through the “baby factory”.

The good news was that we did end up with a baby! Our son Riley was born in January 2006. At the tender age of 3 weeks, we were sitting in the Medicare office in that kind of new parent fog wondering if we were still part of planet earth when this very kind lady enquired about our precious baby and whether we were aware of harmful ingredients in baby products.

I REALLY wanted to know about that. But I had no idea who she was or why she was talking to us about it, but I was willing to meet with her and find out more, but I was very wary (who is this person?!)

The presentation that I eventually saw (a Savvy Team Wellness Guide actually visited us in our own home) had a stunning impact on me. Although in hindsight, I am sure I only heard 4 words very clearly. The first two words: “Chronic Fatigue.” The second two words: “reproductive complications”. She absolutely got my attention when she said she had suffered from Chronic Fatigue and Depression – I really think I would have listened to anything she said because even 7 years on my biggest fear was losing my life to chronic fatigue again.

However, the biggest shock factor was the “harmful ingredients” issue, where two words stood out like a beacon in the presentation: REPRODUCTIVE COMPLICATIONS

If I could relate to anything, I sure could relate to that.

Small Changes, Amazing Results . . .

We both knew we had to change brands … now! “How can we do that, and eliminate these nasties from our life?” we asked our new friend. “What should we take for our own wellbeing?” She rang her support team member, who I was fortunate to learn was one of the founders of the Savvy Team, and Linda lay out what to take and what to expect. Although I didn’t realise it at the time, this last point was important because I certainly had no idea of the healing reaction that might (and did) occur, once my body began to heal.

We placed our order immediately, choosing mostly collections of starter packs that covered each area of our home and of course, nutritionals for our own wellbeing. The day the box arrived it was like Christmas. We cleared the house of every other product. Gary took charge of the cleanup and we cleared out the house, garbage bags of old products went in the bin. We threw out over 2 garbage bags full of supermarket products. The Laundry, Kitchen, Bathroom (including skin care and makeup), Toilet. We went through every room!

Our motivation to change brands was probably 80% for the sake of Riley, to ensure he had only the best and safest products available, and probably 20% for ourselves. I saw it as a way to keep the Chronic Fatigue monster at bay and Gary saw it as a way to stay fit and healthy.

Increasingly, we had issues emerge and disappear as we learned to deal with them. As Riley grew he developed asthma and was constantly catching colds once he started in Day Care. [ED: you can read up on why here. These issues begin pre-conception.]

Once again the founders of Savvy Team’s experience came to the fore. I learned to be wary of what they were using on him at childcare and to replace any of those products with my own. I learned how to counter the things I couldn’t change, by adjusting his nutrients. This was especially important after major cleaning sessions at the centre.

One of the best things we discovered about the Savvy Team organisation was the extensive support received. I particularly loved the information I got as a result of the ongoing support, constant connection and feedback, I was able to adjust our program and actually take responsibility for my families health and wellbeing.

The whole family had health improvements! We got excellent results with Riley’s asthma. Gary noticed a significant improvement in his health, mood and energy levels. I found my ability to cope with work and life in general improved significantly.

From Infertility & Miscarriage in my 20s & 30s – to Naturally Pregnant at 40!

We had made our final decision to not go back for further infertility treatment just before Christmas 2007. I was turning 40 in January, and we felt we should be thankful for the child we had. We had to move on. Life was good, and since Gary had been an only child – we could see this as a normal life with just the three of us.

Little did I expect, that the transformation in my health was profound enough to go from infertility as a younger woman – to naturally (and unexpectedly) pregnant at 40! After all – the ‘experts’ told me I had a 2% chance of a natural pregnancy at 30 let along 40. The pregnancy caught us much by surprise! In fact, we actually had no idea when it had happened and had several scans before we could date the baby.

So did we have a specific plan to get pregnant again? I have to say no – even though we had heard that people had fallen pregnant after going onto the health products it never occurred to me that this might apply to us. We had been given a less than 2% chance of ever falling pregnant naturally. Years of intense treatment, injections, surgery, pills had left me convinced that our opportunity was pretty much over. I was nearly 40 and I guess part of me just wished we had known about it all a lot sooner and that might have given us “more time”.

So overall, there was no plan. I had started going to see a practitioner who understood the health products to really get on top of hormonal imbalance and lingering problems from the illnesses I’d had in my late 20s and early 30s, and I was seeing real improvement in my overall health and feeling of vitality.

In terms of what we were doing before getting pregnant, we were both on the full ninety nutrient program. We took extra antioxidants and minerals at night and I drove everyone mad putting an essential oil balancing cream on their feet before bedtime.

Once I fell pregnant I hurriedly sought advice and over the course of the last 6 months, we have fine-tuned what I was on as some products like can’t be taken when you are pregnant and we suddenly had a whole new ball game to deal with.

It is so wonderful to have conceived naturally, thanks to my body and it’s ability to heal, and thanks to the support from my friend and the endless advice from Linda and Corey, the education they provided and of course these wonderful products.

Using the understanding I gained from the education, information and training on the various programs and action plans the Savvy Team provides, I was positioned powerfully to make those changes. Without that, I would not have known what to do.

Since falling pregnant, while I’ve had to cut back, I plan to add them back in as soon as the baby is born so that he can derive the benefits of the nutrition through breastfeeding at least. In conclusion, I would say to anyone, if you are serious about your health and if you are serious about resolving long-term, major health conditions in your life, just eliminate all potentially harmful ingredients in your home. And by this I mean don‘t be half-hearted about it.

Why bring toxins in from the supermarket anyway?

Make the commitment. If you can replace something in your home that might even remotely contain harmful ingredients, do it. It could be the best decision of your life and can change your life for the better in dramatic and unexpected ways.

~ Deidre


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