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Hormonal Imbalance And Auto-Immune Issues: Gone!

Here’s what a friend of mine sent me recently when I asked for a testimonial of her wellness journey. “I’d spent years suffering from many illnesses and undergoing many operations.

I suffered from  excruciating migraines, continual bloating, nausea, memory lapse, fuzziness and I walked around in a daze. I was under a cardiologist and on HRT,  plus I had an auto-immune disorder which resulted in regular surgery.

I thought that my life was normal!

The wellness I was able to accomplish when I finally realised I could take responsibility for myself and my health, and do it naturally and with a wonderful support group, was just simply amazing.
As I said, I’d spent years suffering from many illnesses and undergoing many operations. My husband Vic regularly chastised me on the amount of headache tablets, Panadol and Mersyndol, Metamucil and Mylanta and Agarol that I swallowed (and, as he kept reminding me – “I never take those things”).

I thought that my life was normal!

When I started going through change of life I began to suffer excruciating migraines (taking two Mersyndol and going to work); looking for air conditioners even in the middle of winter to get relief from hot flushes; visiting doctors and trying many different forms of HRT. It horrified me when my doctor told me that one of the HRT tablets that I tried was made from pregnant horses urine; I could not bring myself to swallow another one of them!

My doctor decided to try some of the new HRT patches that were on the market. None made much difference and actually caused many side effects. I suffered bloating, nausea, memory lapse, fuzziness and walked around in a daze. Each fortnight when I did my grocery shopping I bought a packet of Panadol and monthly, I bought a packet of Mersyndol. Eventually my doctor referred me to a gynecologist who prescribed an HRT patch that gave a reasonable amount of relief from the hot flushes and migraines. To add to this problem I also had an auto-immune disorder which resulted in regular surgery, plus an inability to eat wheat and dairy without feel bloated and nauseous and suffering cramps in the stomach. We spent an absolute fortune at doctors and chemists. However, with one HRT patch I found relief from many of the symptoms, and I was able to manage working and living in a style that I thought was normal.  Things were reasonable until my two-yearly visit to the cardiologist (I have a heart condition).

When my cardiologist found out that I used an HRT patch she insisted I remove the patch while still in her surgery. I left crying and not knowing what to do next. My sponsor arranged for me to talk to Linda who told me to start on the ninety nutrients, the detox and the hormone balancing products. We also changed our personal and home-care products to the safest brand to reduce the chemical exposure to my body.

About six weeks later I thought the hot flushes were probably not quite as bad and, I must admit, I really didn’t place much hope in these products making a difference; but, what did I have to lose? I couldn’t go the pharmaceutical drug way, anymore. I had no other option.  Even though I didn’t know Linda very well I actually had a sense of peace in talking with her and, in my heart, believed she may just know what she was talking about.

Three months after starting on the products the migraines and hot flushes were gone. I told one of the girls at work, who knew what I’d been going through. She said it was just that I had finished going through the change. I called Linda and told her what Julie had said. Linda told me to stop the vitamins and minerals for a week to see what would happen. Three days later the migraines and hot flushes were back.

I knew then that these products were definitely working for me. I also realised that my gums had stopped bleeding and I no longer had sensitive teeth.  Thank you to the Savvy Team and their incredible, life-giving products! – Joan Suosaari

==== Here’s a follow-up =====

“Thanks Corey and Linda, for the Fat On The Move (Rapid Fat Loss) program. When I first started on the products you recommend for general well-being, I began to get so many benefits for my health, it’s almost unbelievable – and thats over seven years ago now. I even did a weight loss program with you in 2005, and while at the time I did loose some weight, over the manny years of struggling with weight issues I have never been able to budge the tummy fat.

Since starting on this Rapid Fat Loss program I have lost 4.2 kilos – that was during the three weeks in phase 2. It’s so exciting to see (and feel) that the rolls around my gut have almost gone. What’s even more exciting is that I’ve lost 7cms off my bust (which I am very happy about), 7 cms off my waist and 4 cms off my hips and I’m starting to feel so vibrant. When I total the number of centimetres lost on my body on the areas we were told to measure, it comes to 27.5 cms.

My husband Vic did the program with me and has lost 7 kilos and a total of 20.5 centimetres off his body, and he is thrilled at the difference. We are looking forward to repeating the program later in the year to get rid of the rest of the bulges. Once again, thank you.” Joan  2011

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