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Holistic Healing Goes Way Beyond the Physical Mind-Body


Holistic healing is really a lifestyle approach. Throughout history, cultures have adopted a variety of explanations and philosophies in the continuing quest for health.

Illness has been attributed in turn to evil spirits, divine retribution, and bugs. The holistic approach takes the broadest possible view of illness and disease, identifying multiple causes (both internal and external), and offering multi-dimensional “healing,” as opposed to specific “cures.”

The fundamental premise is that your body knows how to be well, given the proper support. Underlying that premise is the awareness that your thoughts, emotions and attitudes and beliefs all have an impact on you, through the natural activity of vibration.

We have seen this to be true over our past combined 35 years in the holistic self-care arena, and what we love is to be able to teach people some simple principles that they can use to regain and maintain great health and vitality, not just for themselves, but for their whole family. And this vitality can impact not only their physical health, but their emotional, mental and financial health at the same time.

Our contemporary model (allopathy) is built largely on the contagion theory of disease and the suppression of symptoms, and therefore promotes medicines and counter measures that fight harmful agents and their effects. This “opposite” model of therapy is logical, but very narrow. It looks at eliminating the symptoms of the dis-ease, yet it very often overlooks the underlying causes, that are causing those symptoms.

Holistic Health

The holistic approach goes far beyond the physical-body, or the mind-body connection, when finding and maintaining wellness. It is as concerned with one’s propensity towards disease as it is with its transmission. Why does one person get colds or infections more easily than another, or at different times? Can we render ourselves more hardy and disease-resistant before medical intervention is necessary, and more resilient when illness does occur? The holistic view says “Yes!”.

Overall wellness AND “wholeness” are highly valued aspects in this philosophy. All parts of a person’s life, including their physical healing, mental health and wellness, emotional well-being, and spiritual beliefs and values, are considered as part of the whole. For 80% of our modern health complaints – the lifestyle, stress, and behavioral disorders – natural, holistic self-care methods which include ones physical healing, mental health, emotional well-being, and having positive expectations and beliefs, all affect wellness, and attention to them provide viable alternative to drug-dependence, side effects, and expensive, hi-tech intervention.

Taking a holistic approach involves seeking the basic tools that will help us attract our desires and find our personal power, both for our health and our life – because they are indivisable. What we love about Neways is that it supplies the raw materials to help move the physical body into a better vibration, and it provides an opportunity to develop whatever financial assistance you might require, should that be something you desire.

Within the Savvy Team we provide support and training in understanding the importance of working in all four areas of Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual (otherwise known as PEMS – the acronym for the four bodies represented in holistic healing). We provide not only information and education on how to regain or maintain wellness in all four areas – totally free for all members, their friends, and families – but also resources and seminars to self-educate, plus the tools, strategies and resources to bring that wellness about.

Individuals using a holistic approach recognize that discomforts or pains are merely symptoms of an imbalance, somewhere in the body. The imbalance could be a physical issue, the result of abusing the physical body through an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, or too little sleep. Or, the imbalance may be the result of mental, emotional, or spiritual needs not being met. No aspect (mind, body, spirit, or emotions) of a person can be overlooked when an holistic result is desired. We believe this is the best approach, if you wish to achieve optimal wellness.

How to Combine a Holistic Approach with the best of Science and Nature?

Taking into account one’s body, mind, emotions, and spiritual life, holistic health combines the best of modern scientific research and technology with both ancient and innovative health promotion methods. These include natural diet and herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, exercise, relaxation, counseling, meditation, breathing exercises, and other self-regulatory practices. A holistic approach addresses not only symptoms, but the entire person, and his or her current life predicament, including family, job, and religious life. It emphasizes prevention, health maintenance, high-level wellness and longevity.

Holistic healing views the person as an active participant in the healing process, rather than simply a passive recipient of “health care.” Holism has become the new health paradigm for the 21st century, combining personal, interpersonal, ecological, and transformative awareness.

A person who embraces the desire to find wholeness within his own being soon learns the importance of tending to relationships, caring for the planet and our environments, having compassion for humankind in general, and accepting and tolerating differences among a diverse population of people. The Savvy Team leaders have recently introduced some fantastic training material that will help you get an understanding of different aspects of this holistic philosophy. You can read up on them here. The first is looking at some physical influencers, some mental influencers are covered in the Go-Giver set of books, and some emotional influencers in a great little book Thank You Power. We recommend you get these resources and study them, if you would like to have a life of ease, financially, mentally, physically and emotionally.

There are other more basic things however, that you can also do, if you want to improve your vibrational frequency. Start with your physical situation … Following are some general lifestyle guidelines that will assist you to eliminate cellular toxins from your body and increase its cellular frequency, and will also improve your physical, emotional and mental vibration:


  • Eat whole foods.
  • Organically grown foods
  • Locally grown foods.
  • In season.
  • Food prepared slowly, with mindfulness and with love feed the body and the soul


  • Eat food in moderation.
  • Eat foods that keep the body slightly more alkaline.
  • Be calm and fully present while eating.
  • Take nutritional supplements daily to make up for deficient foods
  • Bless the food and all who made it possible for your nourishment and pleasure.
  • Chew each mouthful well.
  • Drink pure water.
  • Exercise.


  • Quiet and peaceful (candles, soothing music)
  • Low incandescent lighting (avoid harsh florescent light)
  • Spend as much time as possible with enthusiastic, energetic people.
  • Spend some time every day in quiet reflection or meditation
  • Before you go to sleep, think of and reflect on all the things you appreciate in your life
  • Begin a gratitude journal, and write for ten minutes before you go to bed, of all the people, places, events you are grateful to have in your life.
  • Exercise.


  • Genetically modified
  • Irradiated
  • Cooked in a microwave oven.
  • Refined (white flour, white rice, all grains that have the germ and the bran removed). Processed (all junk food; most snack foods).
  • High glycemic. These sugary, starchy foods affect blood sugar levels and weight management.
  • Hydrogenated (margarine; vegetable shortening, lard).
  • Containing additives (chemicals and hormones), preservatives or color dyes
  • Artificial sweeteners—all of them
  • Coffee whiteners
  • Canned.


  • Eating more than the body can digest at a meal
  • Drinking with meals dilutes digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid in the stomach
  • Bolting food down.
  • Being distracted.
  • Eating while feeling tense or emotionally upset—very acid forming.
  • Arguing while eating—more acid in the system


  • Noisy
  • Fluorescent or halogen lighting
  • Drugs
  • Worry  (your own or other peoples)
  • Negative emotions (your own or other peoples)
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