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‘Healthy-Wealthy-Wise’ SHOW | April 9, 2019

The old saying goes . . .”Early to bed and early to rise, makes a you healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Well, let’s face it – in this day and age, it takes a little more that that!

On this regular show, you’ll hear hints & tips for maximising your own wellness and self-improvement journey!

If you’re looking for support and a guiding hand to help you achieve your health and lifestyle goals faster, then we can help . . . connect in regularly and let’s do it together.

This week on The ‘Healthy-Wealthy-Wise’ SHOW!


Keeping ‘KLEAN KIDNEYS’ 🙂 It’s Kidney Health Week, with the theme of ‘Don’t Be Blind to Kidney Disease’.

The aim is to raise awareness to the fact that 90% of your Kidney Function can be lost without any symptoms! In fact, there are currently 1.5 million people in Australia who are unaware that they already have early stages of Kidney Disease.

The focus of Kidney Health Week is to raise awareness around “Early Detection of Kidney Disease” – while we think that is wise . . . we aim to share how you can Keep Your Kidneys “KLEAN” . . . because Prevention is Better than Intervention!

PLUS – Success Stories from Community members and their DETOX / Weight Loss breakthroughs.


Are YOU Safe? With the changing financial times, increased automation and outsourcing . . . are you safe? Is your income and lifestyle secure? It’s an important question to ask yourself! As the Chinese Proverb states – it’s best to ‘dig the well before you are thirsty’!


Developing a CAN DO Attitude and tactics to help you overcome adversity.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What do you do to keep on keeping on when the going get’s tough?? We’d LOVE to hear from you!

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