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From Stress To Happiness


Aristotle said: “Happiness is the human purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” But many people still are searching for that elusive key that will unlock the door they think blocks them from their good.
Just know that if things expand you, they are making you happier. Look for those situations, people and events which give you a sense of positive expansion. The universe is really there to support you, and whatever you give your attention to, in appreciation and gratitude, ‘appreciates’ – it expands.
It’s the same with the negative, with stress, with unhappiness. If you focus on what’s wrong, you get more of it! Plus it is very ageing . . . and who wants that?
I believe that the universe is always on your side. This doesn’t mean you should be passive in life, that you just wait for things to come to you. It just means you shouldn’t complain about what has already happened and cannot be changed. It also means that when you put in positive effort, you will be repaid tenfold. 
Everything in this universe, including you is composed of energy. Listen to your inner voice to know if you are moving towards a state of contraction or expansion – consider how it is making you feel. You can use your feelings as a GPS to help knowing what direction you are heading, and whether you are making the right decisions for yourself. Use the Emotional Circle chart to help you know if you are moving closer to the centre of yourself, towards your heart centre of love and light – or if you are moving away into resistance, frustration and apathy.
From the healing powers of abdominal breathing and laughter to reframing your perception of even the most seemingly dire circumstances, there is a path to physiological and emotional well-being, culminating in a feeling of gratitude, and self-empowered, spiritual peace.
The Universe is Out to Support You
The universe is always on your side. This doesn’t mean you should be passive. It just means you shouldn’t complain about what has already happened and cannot be changed. I love the saying: “What you appreciate, appreciates.” Whatever you think, say or do attracts similar things like a magnet. The greatest things are achieved internally, this is the place of cause, where things happen – the outside world is a “world of effects.”
Use the law of attraction by focusing on things like gratitude, on appreciation, be happy for no reason, just because it feels good. Deeply appreciate the happiness you are already experiencing. Write up this secret formula: Intention, Atttention and No Tension:
◦ Know what you want (and take small steps every day towards it, knowing every small step is taking you closer)
◦ What you put your attention grows stronger – so practice happiness habits everyday
◦ Trust the process and let go.
Do not believe everything that you think. We have 60,000 thoughts a day which comes out to one thought per second and 95% of those thoughts are habitual – meaning you are basically thinking the same thoughts everyday. Plus, did you know that around 80% of those thoughts are negative? Changing your thoughts creates new neural pathways.
Our DNA is influenced by our positve and negative thoughts, according to Biology of Belief. Look into the mirror and say positive things about yourself.  Eventually get to the point where you can make positive statements about yourself for no reason – to love yourself unconditionally.
Here are Some Tips to Staying Happy
Gratitude: What you appreciate, appreciates.  Focusing on the good in your life will attract more good into your life.  Focusing your energy on your problems will just attract more bad into your life. It’s not just about being grateful for all the “things” you have in your life.  But it is gratefulness itself that brings happiness.
Gratitude Journal: Try before going to sleep writing down five things you are grateful for.
Forgiveness: Often people think holding resentment or anger against somebody is a way of punishing them.  However, the only person we are punishing is ourselves.  Forgivenss isn’t really about the other person it is about letting go of the resentment and going on with your life.  It helps to know that people who hurt others are hurt themselves.
Consider Others: We often live such hectic lives that we are immersed in our own problems.  Thinking about making others happy will actually cultivate more happiness in your life.  Spread loving kindness through your thoughts or actions whereever you are.
Plug yourself in to spirit: It is said that feeling disconnected from the Sprit is the number one cause of suffering and unhappiness. What keeps us from feeling disconnected?  It is the perpetual constant activity in our life which stems from judging our self worth through our material achievements and accomplishments.  This insane constant activity keeps us from tapping in to our inner silence where we derive our wisdom, strength and meaning.  We do this to the extent that we’re scared of being bored.  Thus when we are not checking off things on our to do list then we resort to entertaining ourselves by watching TV, playing computer games, surfing the net as opposed doing something purposeful and meaningful.
What are ways to connect with our Spirit? One of best methods is to meditate.  Meditate for everyday for at least 10 minutes. Throughout the day you can also practice being fully conscious of the present moment. Choose seven different times over the day to clear your mind for 1-2 minutes and just be.
Inner Listening: Normally people look outside for answers – asking everybody and their mothers for what to do when most often the answer lies within.  You can try setting aside some quiet time and think about something that has been on your mind.  Write down on a peice of paper everything that comes to your mind without censoring anything.  Let your thoughts flow out of you, out of your Spirit.  Do not read what you wrote as your writing.  After you are done, look back at what you wrote and you will often find the answer that you have been looking for.
Doing all that you can and then surrending and letting go. Trusting the process of life, as opposed to trying to control everything or having everything figured out, is the only way for you to make real progress and move forward.  Marci Shimoff, author of Happy for No Reason, describes as being on a trapeze and if you are not able to surrender and let go you cannot move to the next trapeze making you stuck.
Write a letter to the essence of yourself: Or to Spirit, writing from your heart about something you want assistance with.  Write about your innermost goals, desires.  Now is the time to let go.  Put it away in a secret hiding place.  Look back at it in a couple of months and see how things have changed.
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