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Do You Service Your Body Like You Do Your Car?

Imagine that all the cars in your neighbourhood run poorly because nobody bothered to tune-up their vehicles. Think of the oil dripping, smoke billowing, not a pretty thing to be around.

What if I showed everyone how to tune their car (not that that is likely to happen, because despite my dad’s best efforts, my mechanical skills are somewhat lacking). But just imagine, lo and behold, 80% of the cars now run great. But perhaps 20% of the cars still run poorly because it’s their transmissions that are bad!

In other words, tuning the engine works when that’s the only problem with the car. If something else is wrong, then you car will still not run properly.

Just as with your car, so it is with your body. There may be simple things you can do that can have you ‘running smoother’,  feeling and looking great. And isn’t that what everyone would want, if they knew it were possible?

There are simple regular steps that you can take to look after it, to ensure it runs optimally all of the time. Perhaps some of them you know, but some you may not. While prevention is far better than cure it’s a very unfortunate that many people wait until they need an ambulance before thinking about a personal tune-up.

And some just never take action, even when the actions are simple and easy to follow, and all the support and guidance is free.

Don’t be one of them!

Would you agree that many of the people in your neighbourhood have ‘bodies’ that perhaps are running poorly?

Would you say that the majority of people that you know are likely to be considered ‘overweight’ or suffering fro some ‘dis-ease’? I can say most definitely that this is very likely to be the case, because Australia now leads the world in obesity and are in the top three in ill-health and disease.

Why is this you might ask?

It’s because very few people actually bother to tune-up their physical vehicles or give them the same attention they give their car.

So, what’s the solution?

When your body is healthy it runs optimally and your immune system is strong. You are not affected by things that irritate so many people. Just like a well serviced engine, once the body is properly balanced the majority of people enjoy a gradual return to wellness. They also experience more energy, clearer thinking and often a reduction of weight, not to mention they feel happier, sleep better and wake feeling refreshed.

It would help you to know the simple steps you could take to achieve this. When these are followed people report that up to 75% of their health concerns are alleviated or actually disappear … and in less than three months!  Now that’s really something to shout out about!

Quality Makes A Difference

The food you eat has an effect, just as they quality of fuel impacts your engine. You can make substantial strides in regaining your ideal health simply by following our Eat Savvy Diet protocol even 70% of the time. Does that sound like something you’d like to try? People are constantly reporting to us that on our Eat Savvy Diet, they are eating more than they have ever done and yet they have never felt better and are losing weight. Contact us for our free Eat Savvy booklet.

Some people will need to reduce or eliminate simple carbohydrates, especially if a lot of body weight needs to be lost or you have joint issues, gut issues, or pre-diabetic or diabetic patterns are established. Many people complain that despite saying goodbye to all things wheat and sweet, they still have problems. While reducing wheat and sugar alone can improve your body workings, you can do it so much faster and more effectively with the Eat Savvy graduated food choices.

Obviously, as big a problem as modern refined foods go (sugar and grains are a big problem for many), there are other causes for many of our current health conditions, including toxic exposure both external and internal sources. As explained above, just as your car needs a regular tune-up, so does your body. And to do that you have to replace the ingredients that are lacking, or may be falling short in, and you would be wise to stop adding things that interfere with it’s running.

If you want to improve your health, or get substantial weight loss and a shrinking of your waist size, if you’d like to reduce blood sugar and or blood pressure, if you’d like relief from arthritis, leg edoema, acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, and so many other of the symptoms of our modern lifestyle, doing any of the above suggestions, without increasing your nutritional levels can put a huge load on your whole system.

Get the essential 90 nutrients.

In the car, replace the oil, the fuel, the parts that wear out. In your body, you must give it the raw ingredients to do the repairs internally. It is the most amazing vehicle ever created, and yet without the raw ingredients it can’t do what it was created to do. To achieve optimal wellbeing make sure you increase your intake of nutrients to optimise your physical functionality. Next get your detox pathways eliminating well so your whole body system can work as it should. To find out more about this issue, watch this video: Wellness: It’s Not That Hard.

Yes, yes, I now, many people say only 24 are necessary, some go as far to say that there are 40 odd nutrients that are essential, however the Savvy Team have discovered a rarely known secret, there are actually 90+ nutrients, including what are called the ‘essential factors’, the other elements and the trace elements and co-factors that go together to make them al work.

While your body can manufacture most vitamins, and some amino acids, it cannot manufacture any of the elements and trace elements required for good health. Miss any of these key (and often unrecognised) essential ingredients and your body cannot function correctly. Wellness is a simple as that.

Get the BIG picture to Ill Health & Obesity, and talk with your Savvy Wellness Guide as to how you might make up this shortfall this easily and effectively. There are some people however, who do all that and still cannot improve their joints, their gut issues or lose weight. This is when it’s time to give serious consideration to other factors. While refined foods are often the cause for an incredible amount of human suffering, they are not the only cause. There are often infections, injuries, sensitivities to other foods, inherited conditions, etc and these all require extra nutritional support and optimising detoxification to regain good health.

There are a few big challenges that most people face when they want to improve their health.

One is the fear of failure, another is the difficult they will have sticking to the program and for both, taking advantage of our Savvy Wellness guides support and guidance can make all the difference. Another misconception is what constitutes a ‘healthy diet’. There are so many options out there, all saying different things. But if you were to navigate to these guys, you’d know the fundamentals that you should never budge from when performing your exercises.

Take eliminating for instance. You can lose weight by starving yourself, but not efficiently and effectively, and it’s certainly not a feel good experience. Eliminating toxins, wheat and sugar from the diet can make a difference and once you deal with the inevitable detox, amazing things can happen for your general health. Yes, many people do have pre-dispositions to certain substances but merely eliminating them does not get to the underlying issue.

But did you know that, while eliminating just these three things can make huge inroads into a weightloss protocol, that most of your cravings come from a lack of nutrients in your diet? By improving your overall health by increasing nutrients and following our Savvy elimination protocol every person who undertakes our program reduces a myriad of  ailments they previously suffered from, including reduction of cardiovasculafr risk.

Remember what I said before about your toxic exposure –  this can be the underlying cause to much disease and this has been verified by the World Health Organisation in a study they did in 2012. So, if you’d like to eliminate toxins – asking us how is obviously the easiest, most effective and most inexpensive way to go about it.

Understanding that a reduction of toxic exposure is the first simple step of our three steps to better health. Stay tuned for more or read this article: Protect Your Body From A Toxic World.

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